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    Setup Complete and Permission Levels

    So I'm using SetupComplete for some automated installs, but nowadays the script only runs if forced (via autounattend.xml) for some odd reason or another. Therein lies a problem: Forced SetupComplete runs as Admin, and not Elevate-As-Needed, meaning some odd programs do not work correctly...
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    UWP Drivers and related Apps

    So, there's this annoying new practice of relasing drivers in these UWP format, as if to make us unable to integrate them into images and forcing us to go to the M$ Store at least once so we can have the control panels in our OSs. It would be great if NTLite had a way to integrate/automate...
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    Latest NTLite (.7080) breaks NetFramework 3.5 in Windows 8.1

    So, I've taken a break of my windows 10 Testing, to make a windows 8.1 and update my main machine. Somehow, the latest version refuses to activate net 3.5 though, try as I might. it doesn't give any errors though, it just skips it on the final batch. Same ISO image, on another machine (an old...
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    Preinstall Windows 10 apps and DCH Drivers and FOD Language packs

    ^ Exactly what it says on the tin: I want to 1- Install Intel Video and Realtek Audio Drivers on a windows 10 install, and have the related 'Control Panel' apps access, but I don't want to do that after system is installed. 2 - Have a PT-BR image but EN-US / EN-GB writing tools (no, I don't...
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    File History doesn't work: What components do I need to keep to use it?

    Exactly what it says on the tin: I want to use that feature, but while I have the icon on the Control Panel, nothing happens when I click it. Or if someone else has a way to create .wim images from inside the running system, for backup purposes, that works too.
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    Questions on windows 8.1x64 (Case Closed... somewhat)

    I have searched the threads here, and they helped with some of my questions. Two still persist, and I got a new one after playing a bit more: 1 - What do I need to keep for Immersive Control Panel app work? 2 - I keep getting 3 or 4 instances of "Error 1907. Could not register font. Verify...