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    Detected unsupported Windows Version (while trying to dnld Updates)

    Am running NTLite on a friend's Acer Laptop. After Activating NTLite for the latest features, I tried downloading Updates. While Updates has worked in the past on this laptop, it did not work today. The message presented by NTLite was: "Detected unsupported Windows Version." There...
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    NTLite reports "Unreadable or unsupported file: C:\Recovery\Customizations\usmt.ppkg"

    I just re-ran NTLite on a friend's Win10 Laptop (Acer brand) to remove reinstalls after a recent (forced) Win10 CU. I had installed - and activated - NTLite on this laptop in March. When I ran NTLite today (May 11), I got a notice that there was a newer version of NTLite. Would I like to...
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    7742 and something broke big time

    UPDATE: Looks like the nut behind the wheel. (My fault.) I'll report later. It's 2 am here. Way past my bed time.) I started NTLite today and it offered to auto update to 7742. I let it. (Which I never do. I usually make a copy of my old NTLite directory to get back to where I was in case...
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    How does Remove Reinstalls know what to remove?

    If it's not a Trade Secret, a question for nuhi. How does Remove Reinstalls know what I had removed previously using NTLite? Is there a log file that I need to keep that it looks at? I ask because 1) I've always been curious about it, and 2) after just now installing KB4592438 (to bring me up...
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    Waas Assement denied Error

    Subject says it all. Was processing a wim of 20H2 core, 64-bit. Got this error from NTLite. I clicked on OK and NTLite completed. The only processing that I had done to the wim before was to remove Fonts, Languages and Keyboards. Preset that caused this error is attached.
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    Any difference in change log between 2.0.x and beta 2.1.x?

    It seems to me that I'm looking at the same change log page for both. The beta page on the website is showing info for version 2.0.x.
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    Can nuhi figure out how to delete Top Apps?

    If anyone can figure this one out, nuhi can. Admittedly a very, very small cosmetic thing in Win10. But many people dislike it nevertheless. In the standard Search bar, when it pops up, there is a list of Recent Apps, called Top Apps. No one has found a way to delete them. (Whereas I...
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    Is there a way for NTLite to collect all my active drivers in one place?

    So, let's say that I want to do a bare metal (re)install of Win10 on a Dell. And let's say that my Dell is already running Win10 and that, over the years, I have already manually downloaded and installed the latest drivers. (Some that were "forced" - like forcing Windows to use Intel's NVME...
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    Dumb question: Convert ESD to WIM so I never have to wait again

    I've never had to deal with esd's before. But my latest iso (for 2004) is an esd. Okay, so when I double-click on Windows 10 Home, NTLite asks if I want to convert the image to the standard WIM format? ("Yes") It takes a long time to uncompress an esd on my machine. After 'Liting this iso...
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    Was expecting "Choose Privacy Settings" to all be disabled

    I disabled all the privacy settings inside Windows 10 using NTLite. (Ink, Typing, Diagnostics, etc.) So I am confused as to why, after a fresh install of Windows, when I get the OOBE page that says "Choose Privacy Settings" all the settings are showing Enabled. I expected that they would all be...
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    I presume that I can safely remove 32-bit apps from Win10 64?

    Like Device Manager - 32 bit, Disk Manager - 32 bit, etc. (All the 32 bit items listed in NTLite?) I know it seems like a dumb question. But with MS, one never knows when they might require a 32 bit app in a 64 bit OS.
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    Instructions for "Windows Installer patch cache size"

    It's not clear (at least to me) that one can enter a number (an Integer) where the default NTLite field says "Default." From the note at the bottom of the window there is a hint that one can put in a "numerical value" in the field, and so, years ago, I stumbled into this fact. But so that...
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    NTLite Live sometimes shuts down Explorer

    NTLite 64-bit. When running a Live Win10 2004, and doing some Tweak Changes, Windows' Explorer (i.e., the Desktop) shuts down at the end of NTLite processing. I have to manually restart it in Task Manager. Just me or others? <Settings> <TweakGroup name="DesktopTweaks">...
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    Store Compatibility does not reach far enough?

    In Settings, I was going to Disable "Turn on SmartScreen Filter to check web content. (URLs) that Windows Store apps use." (Working on Win10 2004.) But then I noticed that a note at the bottom of the window says "Needed for: Windows Store." So I left it set at Default. Okay, fine. But I had...
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    Compatibility with Offline-Optimizer?

    I'm gonna guess that the answer to this is "No." (Haven't tried it yet, so could answer the question myself I suppose.) But since Clanger has been pushing me to make an image of my OS and work on it, I have been doing a bunch of research today. I tripped across Offline-Optimizer. (Mentioned...
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    Request for Green/Yellow Compatibility button

    One might think that, by now, I would have gotten smarter and made a "Preset Template" so that I don't always have to do the same repetitive tasks when modifying a wim. (Hmm ... this sounds like a good idea. Maybe a section at the top of the Preset list, that shows 5 spaces for Templates? And...
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    Request for (automatic) obsolete Service Stack detection

    It seems that Microsoft updates the Service Stack for Win10 from time to time. For example, here's a new SS that I downloaded tonight while updating a fresh 1909 iso. If one has downloaded updates to Win10 in NTLite from, say, August, and then does another update check in November. the new...
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    Disregard: autorun.dll not found (Host Refresh)

    If TL;DR, I'm getting an error that autorun.dll cannot be found. Okay, after a long absence, I tried to do a Host Refresh of 1909 to 1909, using NTLite v2.0.0.7726. If anyone recalls, the last time I tried this, Windows setup refused to work because it said I was trying to Refresh to an older...
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    Remove Reinstalls is adding Korean (and now Japanese) to my Language Settings

    I just ran Remove Reinstalls for grins. (I haven't installed any Cumulative Updates to Win10. Only upgraded to the latest NTLite.) It always surprises me to see how much stuff Remove Reinstalls removes. 1 GB. BUT - it puts a Language Bar thing on my Taskbar, and offers me Korean. And when I...
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    MS .NET Framework update breaking things (Win10)

    Am running a heavily 'Lite'd Win 10 1909 Core. Used NTLite to install KB 4569751, .NET Framework update for v 3.5 and 4.8. It broke Task Scheduler. (Can't find MMC Plug-in.) It broke Intel's iGPU Control Panel. (Old Stand-alone version.) Perhaps more. Don't know if it's just me (due to...