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    [TUTORIAL] Integration/Adding of Language Pack Files Into An Image (Windows 10 2009/20H2)

    As-salamu alaykum, =========================================== How to add language pack files in windows 10 20H2 =========================================== What is the problem: 1. From build 1909 you need to use UUP as Microsoft is no providing them directly (I think even 1903) 2. Adding...
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    Edition Selection From Windows Setup is Missing (Skipped)

    Hi, The problem is: 1. Load directory (extracted ISO) 2. Load edition ( Windows 10 Home x86) 3. Enable Unattended (nothing change, just enable it) 4. Apply n' Save with ISO creation 5. Load ISO in Vbox, and edition selection page is skipped, from language selection to Terms and partition...
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    Is Automated Compulsory For Single Edition ?

    Hi, thank you for this software, very helpful. Is Automated Compulsory For Single Edition ? Image: Windows 10 20H2 Version: Changed in Unattended: Skip Wireless setup (true) Can't select any other edition. Thank you in advance,