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    About activations

    I just installed NTLite and the message box said I have zero online activations left. From now on the email only activation is in effect. How does that work? If I need to install it again in the future and I can't activate it online, does someone send me a link in an email to click on or...
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    Offline activation for my software did not work this time

    I installed NT Lite and when I copied and pasted the serial number into the program I got a message saying it did not work. I had to use one of my online activations in order to proceed which I did not want to do. What is the reason for this?
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    Driver integration failed

    I integrated two USB 3.0 drivers into my Windows 7 install disk and used Ultra ISO to transfer my installation to a flash drive so I could install Windows 7 using a flash drive but I still get the same error message. This should have worked. I incorporated a USB 3.0 Hub Driver and a USB 3.0...
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    Some drivers not listed on insertion

    It does not show my drivers. I wanted to select two drivers from the x64 folder. I selected the first one and that showed up in the NTLite interface. When I navigated to my drive to select the second one, NTLite refused to show it. I even copied those two drivers in a separate folder called My...
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    Having a problem with driver integration

    I bought a laptop that does not come with an optical drive (that will be arriving on Friday). So I'm trying to install Windows 7 using a flash drive. The first time the installation process said: A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB...
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    Why does it take so unbelievably long to remove non-essential editions?

    The progress bar goes to half-way and just sits there...and sits there...and sits there for a very long time.
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    There are no images error

    Does NT Lite work with the Enterprise Edition of Windows 10? I'm getting "There are no images" error.
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    Completely puzzling this Windows 7 install...

    Awhile ago I posted a problem that I was having installing Windows 7. I kept getting the error message "Windows has encountered an error and installation cannot continue..." So I followed advice I got from this forum and downloaded a fixed version or a more updated version of the operating...
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    Something is going wrong with my Windows 7 custom install disk

    I have been trying to make a custom Windows 7 install disk. But every time I try to install Windows 7 using the disk I made with NT Lite I get this error message: The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an error. Windows installation cannot proceed. Now the only components I am...
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    The dialog box says No images are available

    I downloaded a Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation .iso from Microsoft and loaded it into NTLite. I then made my custom setup adjustments and burned a custom .iso. I burned the .iso to disk and booted from it. But when everything was done loading I was presented with a dialog box that said Choose...
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    Can the logon screen be completely removed?

    I can't stand the fact the Microsoft chose the user photo on the logon screen for Windows 10 to be a circle. I've been looking for ways to remove that circular avatar but there is no way that I can see to do it. So I thought I would ask here. I would prefer a square or simply no photo at all...