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    NTLite contradictionary license messages

    NTLite version Hi, I was trying to load an image of Windows 11 Dev Preview 22478.1012, when NTLite told me that my license for premium features has expired: However, when checking my license status in the license manager, it shows my license still as valid until end of January (as...
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    Windows 10 Insider Preview 21332/21337 freeze on setup when Telemetry Client is removed

    Hi all, this is just an informational post if anyone runs into similar trouble as I have over the past two weeks: With the current Windows 10 Insider Previews build 21332 and build 21337, removing the Telemetry Client will result in Windows setup to freeze right after the first reboot (after...
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    NTLite Windows 10 18836 20H1 support

    Hi, Thanks for your quick response! Looking forward to it :) Best Regards, blindfish
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    NTLite Windows 10 18836 20H1 support

    Hi, sorry if I seem impatient, but I was wondering if support for the Windows 10 18836 20H1 skip ahead preview will be added in the foreseeable future? Some bugs were fixed in that build that are present in the 19H1 versions, which made using/testing these versions impossible for me, so I'm...