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    NTLITE new tool 8775 crashed to desktop

    I tried the new tool 8775 today and partially through removing components it crashed to the desktop. I included the log files for both 8775 and 8714. Note no issues with 8714. When the tool crashed it was removing 3d viewer. Hope info helps
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    gpsvc failed to login

    This is something new. Saw this error when doing a fresh install today. Included my preset. All I did was rebooted. And I logged in. Periodically I see this error.
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    Disable value banner in Windows Settings header

    Is there a way to disable the value banner that shows in the windows settings. Unfortunately it show its ugly head again. Before I use Mach2 which you can download from the internet and the following command lines I have been using. mach2.exe disable 18299130 mach2.exe disable 31950543
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    Servicing Stack (DISM) System Reset for Windows

    Not sure what this options does. It appears that it does not influence DISM /online /image-cleanup /startcomponentcleanup in cleaning the WINSXS folder. Nuhi could you please explain this option. Thank-you
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    NTdelay09 leftovers

    Looks like the commands were not executed?
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    Servicing Stack DISM

    The following options are checked; System Reset for Windows Windows update (+Feature Setup) Under settings DISM resetbase functionality disabled; When I decide to clean the winsxs folder to remove obsolete entries: First I run the following command {Cmd mode; Admin} cleanmgr sageset:50 I...
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    Number of NTLite Activations left decreased

    Side effect when I did a fresh install of windows 10 with windows store correctly implemented I had to reactivate NTlite. Not sure it was the result of using the Nvidia DCH driver. But the number of re-activations left is now TWO. I do plan to do another fresh install when 21H2 is released...
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    Identifying lock or compatibility components

    The check-marks used to indicate what you pick or do not pick in component removal are at times very difficult to see. A light shade a grey makes this difficult to see. May I suggest different color check marks. Red for Locked Components, orange for compatibility features for example.
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    NVIDIA DCH Drivers

    With nvidia going forward with their new drivers the control panel now must be installed via windows store. The reason I went to the newer driver is a improved security with 496.49. I have updated my configuration, preset attached. Windows store is working, but the nvidia control panel will...
  10. B not responding

    The new version processes the image file correctly, but hangs at the very end during the cleaning phase,.
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    NVIDIA and Host Refresh

    The last couple of updates I have had to reinstall the non-DCH nvidia driver after host refresh. Apparently the non-dch driver gets over written. Which means I have to go into safe mode and use the DDU utility. Yes, I have used GPO settings to not allow driver updates from windows update...
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    Mount an iso for application installation

    There are times when an ISO needs to be mounted for proper installation of an application. Is there a way to mount an ISO during windows installation to install an application?
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    20H2 Telemetry with NTLite version 7742

    The options presented during install are different compared to the options presented in the settings. The options page during install show the following options. Required telemetry. Required telemetry and optional diagnostics data. This differs from the settings which show essentially...
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    Host refresh error with 20H2 and 2004

    History; I recently installed 2004 and used the feature update to 2009; I used the media creation tool to download 2009 (20H2) I converted the esd to wim and exported the 10 pro x64 to another location and copy that file back into the sources directory; I restarted ntlite no problems as it...
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    Blank Security Screen: 2004 with latest updates.

    I get a blank security screen with the latest version of 2004 and its updates. I included the preset. I am not sure if its windows or NTlite related. As a result I went back to 1909 with all the updates and have no issues.
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    System reserve storage: Windows 10

    I did a recent install with and I notice a reduction of the system reserve space from 570MB downto 50MB. Nor did I see a recovery partition, which I never did see one. I resize the system reserve space to 1.0gb by using the mini-partition tool (third party). Secondly, has...
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    DCS string in Inf file

    I have noticed several files in the winsxs folder that have an inf file extension that are very unusual. These files are suppose to be text files. However, for example cmbatt.inf contents start as follows DCS À @ À 7 .¢ò ªµGF÷YZ¯²ÍÌÒ8&d]HÀÈ8¹ Please note the string DCS at the beginning...
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    Upgrade from 1903 to 2004

    Is it wiser to upgrade from 1909 to 2004 or from 1903 to 2004, when 2004 is released next month. Presently, it is an optional update. Secondly, can I use the host refresh. Let me explain. I originally installed 1903, but I would like to do is use 1909 with the appropriate updates to migrate...
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    Win10 1903 and 4524570

    I am still using windows 7 pro and plan to upgrade soon. However, I am having poor luck with the recent upgrade from 1903 to 1909. I realize that there are limitations with windows 7 when integrating updates. So my approach was to use the non license version of Ntlite in a virtual...
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    Reinstallation of 4524570 after being integrated

    I am getting ready to migrate to windows 10. First, I created a windows 10 virtual environment. I used NTLITE and integrated the following updates into win10 1909, due to the limitations of integrating updates in a windos 7 host environment. See attached preset. I then created a ISO with...