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  1. nuhi

    Renowned Tech YouTuber teaches his audience about NTLite

    There is the Tools - Remove Reinstalls, does all the cleanup in one click. Just need to make it more visible, and automatic if a newer build is detected on boot. First thing in todo after the ISO support. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. nuhi

    Renowned Tech YouTuber teaches his audience about NTLite

    Great, thanks for the info.
  3. nuhi

    Turning on Microsoft Account (OOBE)

    For Wireless, there is the Components - toolbar - Compatibility - WLAN which can help. Seems like you missed to keep WLAN component itself, under the Hardware Support. Even though not advertised as such, the Windows Store compatibility protects Microsoft IDs and such. I recommend to enable both...
  4. nuhi

    recurring problem on ntlite

    I did state "Shutdown, rescan, clean.", meaning no more updates were offered later. Garlin brings up a good point and probably explains the difference in our tests. I used ES-ES image as in your preset, haven't added any lang packs as I wasn't instructed to do so. Lang packs do play tricks...
  5. nuhi

    recurring problem on ntlite

    Done, here is my WU screen after it, no kb5022282. Shutdown, rescan, clean. Make sure it's an original, intact ISO, and don't configure any Features after while testing, as it may trigger the redownload (to reupdate changed bits).
  6. nuhi

    recurring problem on ntlite

    OK, thanks, testing the exact version/lang + preset.
  7. nuhi

    [Solved] Error when integrating updates? (W10 22H2)

    D3SOL4TE, btw which antivirus is that? Need to keep my eyes open for that situation, and someone should report them a bug, to not lock onto Windows update, or image-mounted files. The online update list (Updates page - Add - Latest online updates) is the recommended list, automatically chosen...
  8. nuhi

    NTLite Windows 11 22H2 update integration error 0x80070422 [1058]

    Try Host Refresh (inplace upgrade) to fix the host, as garlin pointed.
  9. nuhi

    Question: NTLite Methodology

    Yes, of course, includes components as well - especially when for example the Storage Service was changed from Win7 to Win10 to be a completely different thing. If you, or anyone else finds a missed Settings/Component WinVer switch, let me know, it's simple to adapt. AeonX, cannot find those 2...
  10. nuhi

    Block Creation of Recovery Partition

    Just to chime in, as I already replied to this today over email: - to skip a certain partition in NTLite autopartition (disk wizard), type 0 for size - Windows should be installable to a pre-created single-partition (at least it was until Win10 or so), this video shows it nicely - if above is...
  11. nuhi

    recurring problem on ntlite

    Thanks. In that case, if just the .NET and Cumulative updates were integrated, also no removed components, it cannot be due to NTLite as it just uses Windows own DISM to integrate them. The issue with reprompting Cumulative update was in combination with .NET 3.5, the update needed to be...
  12. nuhi

    Why integrating updates in one step is different from integration in two?

    Build 9039+ released, should fix this. Let me know how it goes.
  13. nuhi

    recurring problem on ntlite

    Been getting similar reports suddenly, only if .NET 3.5 is integrated. Testing and working with a few people to confirm it, will post a new version when fixed. Could be on non-English ISOs only, as I could not confirm the issue.
  14. nuhi

    Windows 11 Bloatware

    Hi, remove "Content Delivery Manager" component, then those won't be deployed.
  15. nuhi

    BSOD Machine Check Exception

    OK, also please read what I replied, and what the message says on the screenshot about the error report. Seeing that dump file might narrow it down, but saving the image is a Windows operation, so again an antivirus is most probable cause now.
  16. nuhi

    Does NTLite support Windows ISOs from Dev Channel?

    I already replied this over email, but anyway, attach your preset and I'll check it, to cut the story short.
  17. nuhi

    Problems & questions (NT Update tool, post-setup scripts, office deployment, winget)

    Just to add, NTLite has switches, see ntlite.exe /? for more info. Through presets you can automate it via a script. I'll jump in with more answers once the topic crystallizes, too much was said already.
  18. nuhi

    Should I delete updates that are superseded?

    Use Updates page toolbar - Update cleanup - DISM Compatible, and it will do it for you in a polite manner. Yes, it's recommended, but Windows will do it on idle in the background anyway over time, this is just if you want a bit smaller image. Do it with the initial integration, not the...
  19. nuhi

    BSOD Machine Check Exception

    Most probably: - unstable machine - or an antivirus that does not work well with WIM engine (a Windows image mounting mechanism), seen that behavior long time ago with some antiviruses. Unrelated to NTLite. - or live (C:\Windows) removal of some drivers/services that are in use, but you said...
  20. nuhi

    Why integrating updates in one step is different from integration in two?

    Thanks, will test tomorrow. It should have done that already, I'm surprised it didn't, will fix and send you a test version. (dealing over PMs)