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  1. Kasual

    What and why not to remove [Win 7]

    Additional information to the one included in the NTLite's notes Hardware support Infrared devices.- Needed for Bluetooth (at least, Bluetooth Audio, i kept hidir, mdmbtmdm and usbcir infrared devices just in case, i haven´t tried removing them yet). Portable devices WPD/MTP Portable device...
  2. Kasual

    Windows 10 April 2018 Update problems: how to fix them

    The info is too long, i do recommend to go to the source: 4. Install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update via USB If you’re still having trouble downloading and installing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, you should try installing it from a USB drive. You’ll need a blank DVD or a USB stick to...
  3. Kasual

    Move shortcuts and keep them localized

    I have made a simple cmd script to move around the most used shortcuts (snipping, calc, paint, quick notes and the not much used DVD Maker, Media player, Sidebar and XPS Viewer). It is intented to use with .lnk files, some in Win10 and all in Vista, Win7, (not sure if it works in XP and/or Win8...
  4. Kasual

    Windows 10 Touch Keyboard way to small - Sux that Ms won't fix (Workaround).

    Ms people don't know/accept this as a Windows bug: They send users to hell (they says hardware problem but no, that is the Win phone touch keyboard ported to 1709). Fix (workaround) from third party: Get from 1703 these files TabTip.exe tipskins.dll I read an user somewhere that...
  5. Kasual

    Bring back highlighted description text

    Now the text looks like any other text in the title pages: Is it possible to bring back the higlighted text? As seen here:
  6. Kasual

    Can't remove editions in NTLite beta v1.6.0.5950.

    When i select "Save image the image" and "Save image the image and trim editions", all removal options are disabled and unticked (from install.wim and boot.wim). This is due to the "ISO components" (by not removing "Manual setup", i think). Loaded the boot.wim image, loaded a preset, and moved...
  7. Kasual

    Make a 'Windows 7 Thin PC' Like ISO

    This thread has missing the point at some point in the comments, this is for slimming down your 7 Starter, Home Basic-Premium, Pro, Ultimate as much as a ThinPC edition, only make sure to check compatibility for office and all what you would like to keep and if there is telemetry/Consumer...
  8. Kasual

    Fix: Mousepad stuck at all

    I'm glad that i didn't made nuhi waste his time. I wasted 2 -3 days troubleshooting NTLite because i though there was the issue, Windows was flawless in Virtual Box but failed in a netbook once installed. While setup was at early stage, mousepad and buttons worked ok, but once installed, it...
  9. Kasual

    Windows 7 - Updates Download List 2018-02

    For now, i have the list for x64 to date Jan. 9, 2018 (read the info in the text files for updates not recomended, like GWX and Telemetry). The list for x86 to date Dec. 13, 2017 needs to be reviewed and updated. Added KB3118401 (Universal CRT) x86 and x64 on Jan. 14, 2018 (not tested but noted...
  10. Kasual

    Microsoft employee installs Chrome mid-presentation because Edge keeps crashing

    Ms employee missed IE11, maybe it would work smooth without hassles? Source: The Next Web
  11. Kasual

    Ms Office Compatibility Fonts - Are language specific?

    The protected fonts by checking Microsoft Office Compatibility were reported for an specific language? I have removed all of them (protected by checking Ms office compatibility check box) and had no issues installing office 2007 or 2016 and tried add a "WordArt" word in power point without...
  12. Kasual

    USB Tools for Windows install from USB

    1.- WinSetupFromUSB If you need to install windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10) from USB unattended and also a Linux OS/tool, this is the tool for you. 2.-YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator If you need to...
  13. Kasual

    Win 10 v1709: Features Removed or Deprecated

    Removed and deprecated features 3D Builder app No longer installed by default. Consider using Print 3D and Paint 3D in its place. However, 3D Builder is still available for download from the Windows Store. Apndatabase.xml For more information about the replacement database, see the following...
  14. Kasual

    Win 10 1709 Wishlist

    Accessibility tools split from Tablet components Ink or Math Input panel 4k (Windows\Web\4k) only Folder removal . Free disk space tool (useless when upgrading from previous version, can't delete the old windows folder not even if takeownership is used). If something comes to my mind...
  15. Kasual

    Is it 'Safe to remove'?

    There are many components that most of us don't know if it safe to remove or not because some needs an explanation more than a description and i would like to post here the apps' name and what (i think) they do. Hardware Support Internet Printing Client Needed for printing from Windows Apps...
  16. Kasual

    New CU that fixes some kb4038788 Cumulative Update bugs

    Source: Neowin
  17. Kasual

    Windows Store Bug "by Ms design" after update

    Well, the title says it all. After windows store updates itself, it disables the ability to install Apps. There is a text that says something like "the setup has been disabled because the company's policy" above of the "Get" (to install) button. Verified in Windows 10 build 15063 version 1703...