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  1. Kasual

    IE deleted and Favorites folder

    Links and Favorites folders are recreated, these are needed and used by the 'feature' called "Quick Access". When these folders are "disabled" to 'Precreate' in the Windows reg, the folders are created in english only when other language is used.
  2. Kasual

    More problems with v1.8.7182

    Si lo entendí. All has been understood but can't explain. How many updates are about half GB that needs more resources (drive/memory space)?
  3. Kasual

    More problems with v1.8.7182

    Seems like isn't a NTLite related issue but a windows common issue. You have missed to attach the ntlite and dism log files.
  4. Kasual

    Questions about the late tasks of NTLite

    Add the batch file to folder: sources\$OEM$\$1\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup That should be it. Also you can use the file as cmd instead of bat but shouldn't make any difference.
  5. Kasual

    Save profile Edge Canary

    Have you checked if there is a syswow64 reg key or something alike?
  6. Kasual

    How to remove the Live Tiles "Office Live" shortcuts in Win10 1903?

    Mount the image and remove (or edit) the file: \Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\DefaultLayouts.xml I have edited the file and removed the lines with the links.
  7. Kasual

    Windows Defender Notification issue after diabling & Feature Request for NTLite

    I haven't checked for the reg keys, I only collected a few reg tweaks that hides notifications and integrate it. Check the reg file if you would need something else.
  8. Kasual

    Windows Defender Notification issue after diabling & Feature Request for NTLite

    Long time i haven't been online. Try: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Notifications\Settings\Windows.SystemToast.SecurityAndMaintenance] "Enabled"=dword:00000000
  9. Kasual

    IP Static and DNS

    What i can think of, is another component removed or what about ethernet drivers installation? are installed on setup?
  10. Kasual

    IP Static and DNS

    Are you working with ethernet only? Identifier>Ethernet</Identifier
  11. Kasual

    Windows 8.1

    Can i remove them now?
  12. Kasual

    IP Static and DNS

    Check this info and related links. ...and good luck.
  13. Kasual

    Windows 8.1

    "pack1" does the w7 name in all reg files.
  14. Kasual

    Windows 7 pro 3125574

    KB3020369 is required for 3125574. KB4490628 replaces KB3020369
  15. Kasual

    Windows 8.1

    What about creating new account with password from 'DOS'? If that works, i can add it too for those who missed to add a pasword or prefer not to reinstall Windows.
  16. Kasual

    Windows 8.1

    There is no info about being replaced, the KB2919355 info has been updated on July 16, 2019. Check the KB2919355 replacements (887 MB, click on the title then on package details). I haven't checked if is required by Windows Updated, may be some day i'll test it, looks like i don't have time...
  17. Kasual

    Few questions related to Win Updates feature when a new update supercedes/obsoletes an old update ?

    Integrating updates to an edited image isn't recommended only when components are removed. An updated image can be updated, if you do an install as a test with a vanilla image, the listed updates are the first released, not the latest that superseded the previous updates.
  18. Kasual

    Windows 8.1

    For me, the list doesn't show KB3173424, it shows instead the KB4504418. (July 2019, listed as 6/27/2019)
  19. Kasual

    How to delete On-Screen Keyboard Shortcut?

    Isn't related to the registry but to setupcomplete.cmd (Post-Setup page).
  20. Kasual

    Editing clean install image on a Dell OEM install - Drivers - "Wrong architecture"?

    I have been working with x86 OS's in x64 hosts 7 & 10 without issues integrating drivers.