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  1. nuhi

    Windows Enterprise LTSC - People Bar on Taskbar

    ice673, thanks for the report, fixed in next so you don't have to remove it to trigger that setting. You can disable it in taskbar until then, it's a separate setting.
  2. nuhi

    HKCU Registry Setting not applied

    Since I haven't done this yet, here are some top of the head suggestions: - Try X: like the original, instead of C: for the wallpaper path X:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows\img020.jpg - You can replace the default C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows\img0.jpg on the image with any image: (1920 x...
  3. nuhi

    Unable to apply modifications with NTLite and create ISO for Windows 10 (1909)

    Hvergelmir, if an image got reported as corrupted, then it's unusable. Retry fresh: - unload all mounted (blue icon) images - reboot - disable any antivirus, antimalware tools - copy all files from the original ISO - load that image and reapply the same preset If no errors reported, and you...
  4. nuhi

    APP "your phone" instant quit (after update with microsoft store )

    It's the "Connected Devices Platform Service" removal, will tie it to the Your Phone app to be noted, thanks.
  5. nuhi

    APP "your phone" instant quit (after update with microsoft store )

    Thanks gnk, confirmed, will continue tomorrow and report back.
  6. nuhi

    GeForce Experience & SQL Express 2014 Setup Doesn't Run After Extraction AGAIN

    CLR tweak was delayed post setup to limit issues with Windows, if a certain program doesn't work with it, don't use that tweak. Will add to its description SQL Express 2014 dependency.
  7. nuhi

    Sort Updates by KB Number

    Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Reason why UI sorting by KB is not there is because there is only one proper order to integrate updates, and if there is a fix needed, should be reported and implemented as fast as possible. If it's just in UI, then it might confuse a user that it would integrate...
  8. nuhi

    bluetooth in slimdown windows 10

    gilius, what happened to this finding, is there more? If either of you has an issue with Bluetooth, please attach the preset and describe the issue, I'll gladly add the compatibility option. Thanks.
  9. nuhi

    Start menu crashing Explorer + Language packs not downloading

    Hi gilius, to have feature enabling protected, start fresh and make sure to enable Windows Update and Optional Features compatibility option in Components - toolbar - Compatibility. Then once it works, you are free to report if any of it was too protected. As for the start menu, let me know if...
  10. nuhi

    100% CPU

    Adam, just running the tool, or compressing to an ESD format during processing last stage of saving the image? If you get it just by opening the tool on the main screen, does it respond to commands, did you add any image prior to it? Thanks.
  11. nuhi

    DCH Drivers, Graphics Control Panel and NTLite dilemma

    Thanks for the heads up, didn't know there are exclusive DCH drivers by now. Probably an anti-Win7 agenda, as I see people adding simple lines to the driver's INF file and it works on Win7 as well. Have you tried to export the driver with NTLite, for example you can easily import all host...
  12. nuhi

    Copy files "as is" to images

    Nestor, thanks for the suggestion, yeah so far there wasn't a real need except for wallpapers. For install.wim, the $OEM$ method could work simply as set once on the master image, but for boot.wim what Kasual said. Don't have a plan to add that for now.
  13. nuhi

    registry - error

    Thanks Nestor. Fixed for next, sent you a preview.
  14. nuhi

    Search bar in Windows Explorer without function

    Alt68er, thanks for the mach2 note, it does work. However some users are reporting Windows reverts it back, so a more permanent solution would be needed. Since I saw that 20H1 does not have this issue, it's actually only on 1909, I'll keep Cortana until then. If it's still an issue, or a better...
  15. nuhi

    HKCU Registry Setting not applied

    Hi, for HKCU, simply use a REG file with HKCU, not HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-19. When NTLite detects HKCU, it uses Default User hive. If Windows is ovewriting the wallpaper registry entry on user creation, then you would need a reg add command to overwrite it on user logon (hkcu runonce key). Best...
  16. nuhi

    Windows Activation - Software Licensing Service missing

    Hi, the solution is not to disable Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant "wlidsvc" service. Please set to manual or automatic in services.msc, no need for reinstall, then run: slmgr.vbs -ato from the elevated command line. Let me know of any reported errors, and make sure it's online. Will...
  17. nuhi

    Ntlite Some Bug Reports, Requests

    I did the same, so no. Try it just the preset + that ISO original, nothing manually copied or REGs added. Then work up from there and see what's breaking it, then we'll see if it's NTLite's fault or not.
  18. nuhi

    Referenced Memory Could Not Be Read

    OK, keep me updated, and I doubt that game freezing can be influenced by removing something, it would simply not run in that case.
  19. nuhi

    Ntlite Some Bug Reports, Requests

    9. Start menu and Explorer search works. 12. No issues here either, tested on Chrome installer from Internet Explorer. More info below. 13. Cannot confirm this either using your preset on Turkish 1909.476. Maybe on fresh install start menu was a bit slower to open, then after 4-5 openings it...
  20. nuhi

    Many problems

    Kinda obvious, but to debug NTLite, you must try only NTLite and provide a preset demonstrating an issue. No steps like MSMG ToolKit or similar, that changes Windows on its own and we cannot know what is the actual cause of the problem. Meaning, don't remove any packages with either, DISM...