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  1. Taosd

    An issue with WinSxS deep cleaning

    This discussion is pretty much pointless in my opinion because no matter how much you 'try' to speed a windows installation up, it isn't a case of ' what's been removed and what hasn't ' it seems more focussed on hardware requirements. Older computers and install media matter. A disc will...
  2. Taosd

    An issue with WinSxS deep cleaning

    What happens here is, people discuss and help each other out in streamlining their windows, removing things they don't want, for a more easier to use, and better experience. NO-ONE here is whining about WIM size because to the majority of people, having a windows that isn't cluttered with pap...
  3. Taosd

    NTLite support for Windows Embedded 8.1 versions

    so in response to garlin's question then ......... no
  4. Taosd

    News and Chat

    it gets cancelled, the tea and biccies are on me
  5. Taosd

    News and Chat

    GOOD NEWS ............. i know, hard to believe, something positive from microsoft microsoft recalls recall
  6. Taosd

    Win10 22H2 Simplify which components can delete BMP images, while retaining Notepad

    Please post in English so others can help you Translated - Streamlining which components can delete BMP pictures and keep Notepad, here is my configuration file, I simplified the components such as drawing, 32-bit drawing, etc., I found that there are still BMP pictures when I right-clicked...
  7. Taosd

    W11 Cumulative Update (June 11, 2024 - KB5039212)

    June 11th Cumulative Update
  8. Taosd

    News and Chat

    DOA cards. hardware failures...... but ray tracing isn't everyone's cup of tea, especially if the computer being used is multipurpose ( streaming / gaming / audio recording / video editing etc etc ) . If anything ray tracing isn't that important to me. VR, i know a lot of people who use it...
  9. Taosd

    News and Chat

    i jumped ship from Nvid because had to RMA cards pretty much every time i upgraded. happier on team red but the new 'phase' will mean whole new systems, as per Microsoft's words....
  10. Taosd

    News and Chat

    the only positives i can take away from it is, at the moment you have to have a npu for most of it ( apparently even recall ) and thankfully i haven't. now watch them move the goalposts to make sure everyone has it
  11. Taosd

    Installing Windows OS with a "Drivers" folder to install drivers, without increasing the install.wim size

    i don't know how you have bloated that folder up so much, mine is only 24.2GB
  12. Taosd

    Windows Copilot

    From my understanding there is no 'Copilot' app package to uninstall
  13. Taosd

    Explorer menu view is already down, and I have already selected to show file extensions

    English only please as it is easier for us to help you. ( If you are unsure, please use google translate or similar ) Translation : Good night I'm from Brazil, I'd like help. Does anyone know if there is any setting to have already selected the "File Name Extensions" option in the display...
  14. Taosd

    Multiple Microsoft app deployment failure

    I'd re-read and follow the office part again. The Office bit is in an SFX format with the /S switch. I don't understand why you have the xml for it separate. That should be inside the sfx
  15. Taosd

    Looks like Idiot season is upon us

    Looks like Idiot season is upon us
  16. Taosd

    W11 Cumulative Update (June 11, 2024 - KB5039212)

    May 14th Cumulative Update
  17. Taosd

    Why many components are not removed

    If you are using the free version, only certain components are available to remove. The paid version removes a lot more
  18. Taosd

    Default file associations for Browser and PDF

    It has already been answered in the forums, sometimes it is better to look first before asking an already answered question
  19. Taosd

    How to completely remove Internet Explorer and including the feature?

    it is removeable with a licensed copy.
  20. Taosd

    NTLite and Windows 10 22H2 Enterprise versions

    try using the latest build as the build you are using is out of date.