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    NTLite setup x64 version 1806962 flaw

    Hi nuhi There is a weird thing happening. No matter how I do use NTLite, the result is that I can't install the ISO image that I have made with it. And I double checked. It's not the Original W10 iso files fault. I have tried the Media Creation Tool 1809 x64 version and the 1809 x64...
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    Internet Explorer 11 not integrating as it should

    nuhi When integrating updates, it does not want to integrate IE11. Even though I use Official IE11 .exe en-us file for en-us version of Windows iso (My Specific case is with making W7 Ultimate x64). Using latest NTLite x64 (updated it 07/06/2018). Note. I have installed it as Portable to...
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    When making a Win10 AIO - Suggestions

    Hello @nuhi, I'm a fan of your tool. Never the less some suggestions are in order. 1. Please add possibility to see x64 and x86 or 32bit and 64bit at the end of each version of Windows 10 in NTLITE (May also apply to 7/ 8 / 8.1) after one has Loaded a Folder or a ISO into NTLITE. 2. Maybe...
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    Windows 10 AIO for Everyday? Advice? Preset?

    Does anyone have a tutorial/preset for a everyday Win10 1709 updated AIO iso (A-Z x86 and x64) image? Meaning most of the tech and spy mumbo jumbo stripped out? Everyday means: Not Removed / Tweaked: Windows Activation Components and Services 4G LTE support / 4G Data plan support Smart Card...