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    Feature Request - Edit edition Flags

    We can currently edit name and description of indexes, some fringe cases call for specific flags as well. not a huge deal but easy to do with DISM. Fringe cases like when I select the wrong flag when capturing and have to fix it manually with DISM because I'm an idiot.
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    Unable to edit name of index on ESD

    I did not expect it to work, but I also didn't expect NTLite to let me try. If the image format is WIM, you can successfully edit the Name and Description. However, NTLite does not show any sort of error saying it cannot be done in ESD format. I understand why it does not work but I wonder if...
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    Any thoughts on including capturing an offline image?

    nuhi, have you given this feature much thought? Its all handled by DISM anyway. Those of us regularly capturing images have to know what we are doing to some extent for sysprep to actually sysprep. There are plenty of markers in an offline image to help you determine if the image is in a...
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    Work with VHD's just a tad bit easier.

    I found this utility recently, wish I found it much earlier. It bothers me that windows 10 will mount a vhdx by double click but not vhd. Also makes it easy to toggle read only.
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    Disable password expiry?

    I thought there was an option somewhere to prevent the configured password from ever expiring.
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    No Images Available

    When using my usual autounattend.xml, windows setup shows no images available where available images are listed. This only occurs when there is GPT formatted disk present in the target system. If I do not use my usual autounattend.xml file and run setup manually, the install succeeds...
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    automatic check for updates locks up NTLite

    By default, NTLite checks for updates on startup. My hardware firewall randomly blocks this, I will fix it someday. When this happens, I have to wait for the update check to timeout before the application will respond again. As a workaround, I disable the automatic checking. Can we make this...
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    gimagex officially not abandonware

    I just saw the orginal author updated the tool fixing known bugs. I am posting this here as its the most common tool to get an offline custom image into ntlite. It has been quite some time since I have seen an update to this tool. gimagex 2.2.0 Notable changes this version: Compiled against...
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    copy profile

    On the unattend page, can we optionally add copy profile? Its only one flag in the xml under Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup. Its usage is limited to audit mode but audit is an option so it follows that this should be there as well. Admittedly, it may not be used often and would need an...
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    audit mode

    anyone know how to configure the unattend.xml to start windows in audit mode? I'm having trouble finding it. Its cool of no one remembers, I can do a sysprep to audit on a vanilla image and see what the \panther\unattend.xml ends up looking like. I could swear I saw it as an option in WSIM.
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    UEFI and Fat32

    I use flash drives to deploy images to new PC's. To keep the mode in UEFI, the flash drive must be formatted fat32 which of course wont hold a custom image unless it has been split. I haven't found a real way around this. I could use a usb external spinning disk with an extra ntfs partition...
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    Export to split without loading first

    I use flash drives to deploy images, it would save time to export images directly to SWIM without loading first. In this usage case, no loading is required.
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    there are no more files

    Trying to load an unmodified boot image. Anyone else seen this before?
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    autounattend.xml select edition

    Has anyone figured out a way to tell setup which edition to choose when multiple ones are available using an answer file?
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    Components Removals Wiki

    I wonder if a Wiki type approach to documenting all the removals capabilities of NTLite would be easier to maintain. It would be easier to update and keep up with rather than digging through forum threads. There are a number of free wiki webapps out there that are pretty easy to implement and...