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  1. Velocet

    [Feature Request] Removal of intel microcodes that was on the images.

    How do i remove these files from the install.wim with ntlite? To remove/disable EVERY TSX/Spectre/Meltdown/etc. mitigation from Windows you have to do these steps: - Change the values of these registry settings: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00...
  2. Velocet

    List original package name

    In addition to NTLite i used to use my own PowerShell scripts with DISM that listed all packages and made it possible to remove them (changes in the registry of the WIM with the SYSTEM user). Since i am a bit of a control freak i always wanted to see which packages NTLite removes or way better...
  3. Velocet

    Automatic Download of Updates, etc.

    Hi nuhi, maybe it's possible to use the lists maintained by MSFN users (they do a lot of great work over there..)? So ntlite would just ships the feature but not actual lists. This alone would make a great difference. It's not that you have to supply them but maybe the community? What do you...
  4. Velocet

    Automatic Download of Updates, etc.

    I wanted to make a Windows 7 ISO with the latest updates and it was a pain in the ass (thanks MS ^^). I thought i would download a so called Update Pack that contains every update since SP1 but this wouldn't work as expected. After the installation Windows ran about 30 updates. It's no real...
  5. Velocet

    NTLite build 6146

    I have a bug in Steps to reproduce: - Integrate updates into LTSB 2016 ISO and process everything - Load WIM again, change something (i did not delete any editions) - Export to ISO Dunno if it's corrected in the newest build but it only seems to be a UI bug since the WIM/ISO loads...
  6. Velocet

    NTLite build 5741

    No, it's not possible inside the app but i think it's relying just on the sound scheme. Problem is that there is no hint. I think most people (like myself) won't think about that... Just drop me a PM here or on Twitter (@Velocet) when you need me. Would be a pleasure to help.
  7. Velocet

    NTLite build 5741

    One suggestion: There should be a warning that when you remove Sounds (Default) under Multimedia many apps will "not work anymore" (like the Alarm... first i wondered why no sound way playing...) --- As NTLite grows there really needs to be some extended help file or some hints for some of the...
  8. Velocet

    NTLite 1.5 wishlist

    +1 --- What really drives me nuts: In the components removal window, when i click on a component only the name gets highlighted but not the full line. UX wise it would be better that the whole line is highlighted:
  9. Velocet

    Do I know You?

    Do I know You?