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    User Account Control (UAC) setting questions and unable to sign in Microsoft account in Edge Chromium

    It's the same as dragging the slider all the way down after install. This is triggered before setup complete.cmd processes so you can fine tune specific behavior if needed. It sounds like your user account is already admin so basically dragging the slider all the way down would be effective.
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    Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong that prevents Win 10 from installing?

    If this is a captured image that had virtualbox tools installed at any point but not uninstalled before captured, it will break installation of the image. Speaking from experience.
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    User Account Control (UAC) setting questions and unable to sign in Microsoft account in Edge Chromium

    Only need to add this toward the end of autounattend.xml before the last settings close tag, no other settings required from NTLite: <settings pass="offlineServicing"> <component name="Microsoft-Windows-LUA-Settings" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35"...
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    Watch your install run, by opening a CMD window

    I include other programs such as process monitor and process explorer from sysinternals to use in that environment, extremely useful for troubleshooting.
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    Cannot do a true unattended install without the pro version?

    I am a sysadmin, I don't even use this tool for removals and find its still a great bargain. I, in fact, prefer automating everything excluding partition/format. While I have the Pro version, I still don't use the feature in most situations.
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    Windows 7 - Remove EOSNotify

    anyone tested this?
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    Unattanded.xml - I would like to skip everything except Product Key & Partition Settings

    I always use [key] for the key and then exclude <Value>Windows 10 Pro</Value> from my xml and that works for me. except when I have a machine with the wrong edition key in bios. I instead use a couple of workarounds: hard code kms default key in xml and change key after install (never...
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    Feature Request - Edit edition Flags

    We can currently edit name and description of indexes, some fringe cases call for specific flags as well. not a huge deal but easy to do with DISM. Fringe cases like when I select the wrong flag when capturing and have to fix it manually with DISM because I'm an idiot.
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    Unable to edit name of index on ESD

    I did not expect it to work, but I also didn't expect NTLite to let me try. If the image format is WIM, you can successfully edit the Name and Description. However, NTLite does not show any sort of error saying it cannot be done in ESD format. I understand why it does not work but I wonder if...
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    Any thoughts on including capturing an offline image?

    nuhi, have you given this feature much thought? Its all handled by DISM anyway. Those of us regularly capturing images have to know what we are doing to some extent for sysprep to actually sysprep. There are plenty of markers in an offline image to help you determine if the image is in a...
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    Drag and drop over network not working

    As a sysadmin, this one bites my ass rather often.
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    SMB 1.0 client not checked when loading preset

    The funny thing is, windows 10 rarely needs drivers added to install successfully anymore. Perhaps I'm not running the right hardware? In fact, perhaps the only reason I use NTLite (anymore) is to avoid hearing friggin Cortana's noises during install. Still worth buying the licensed version...
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    Work with VHD's just a tad bit easier.

    I found this utility recently, wish I found it much earlier. It bothers me that windows 10 will mount a vhdx by double click but not vhd. Also makes it easy to toggle read only.
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    solved - How can we add hkcu regs via setupcomplete.cmd

    I wanted to share this tool for working with registry tweaks. I like to export changes out of the registry and convert them using a tool when I intend to make the same changes using a script and avoid stupid mistakes on my part. I have used this...
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    SMB 1.0 client not checked when loading preset

    I really just use NTLite to avoid getting my hands dirty with the command line and the ADK. Filthy fiddly things! still angry about the awful documentation for the windows 7 WAIK from back in the day.
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    Creating your own update

    I create flash drives with full unattended installation configuration and mail it to them. If their computer is new enough, [KEY] will work fine. Getting the boot situation straightened out is always the trick. The flash drive has to be created differently for UEFI vs CSM. (unless there is...
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    Export to Vmdk

    I personally use HyperV (because it is already there). I create a VHDx and mount it when not running to make some changes. When testing boot media. I just swap out the wim file(s) when the vhdx is mounted and skip the ISO process altogether. I use Rufus to convert the iso to a mounted and...
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    [Suggestion] Support Streamlined ISO Extraction

    If I understand windows setup correctly, if an autounattend.xml file is being used and includes an activation key, the ei.cfg and pid.txt files are ignored. Saw some official microsoft documentation that said that.
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    Disable password expiry?

    Thanks for answering the stupid question. I don't use this application very often and forget stuff. My apologies to everyone.
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    NTLite VMs and Post-install license woes

    There is no need to "spend" windows licenses on a VM. Yes, you may spend 1, but take a snapshot before sysprep and capture the snapshot image. You can mount the snapshot image directly in windows using Disk Management and is supported. Then GimageX can capture the sysprepped image, but you can...