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  1. Velocet

    Restricted Traffic Limited Functionality (Windows/Office/Telemetry/Privacy)

    Since everyone is freaking out about privacy, data collection, disabling services and other stuff it's time to finally get a solution that works with the least amount of work and no third-party apps like WPD, O&O ShutUp, etc. What most users forget and the apps won't tell you: Most of these...
  2. Velocet

    List original package name

    In addition to NTLite i used to use my own PowerShell scripts with DISM that listed all packages and made it possible to remove them (changes in the registry of the WIM with the SYSTEM user). Since i am a bit of a control freak i always wanted to see which packages NTLite removes or way better...
  3. Velocet

    Automatic Download of Updates, etc.

    I wanted to make a Windows 7 ISO with the latest updates and it was a pain in the ass (thanks MS ^^). I thought i would download a so called Update Pack that contains every update since SP1 but this wouldn't work as expected. After the installation Windows ran about 30 updates. It's no real...