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    Win10 still downloads and installs the already integrated updates

    It's not a problem, it's a feature (per MS implementation) since v1809, called LCU reservicing whenever you add any other update after the LCU, or FOD/Lang package, or even change an optional feature state, the latest CU will be reoffered and downloaded/cached to C:\Windows\servicing\LCU
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    Windows 7 SP1 Cannot Integrate Update KB4537820 - Monthly Rollup

    nuhi, it's blocked for offline integration, even for WinPE, regardless of what Host OS is and it does not matter if current Win7 host has active ESU license it is intentionally and strictly not allowed Offline (as Dism.log shows), and it damage the mounted image (i.e. no longer serviceable) i...
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    Windows 8.1

    cab updates Failed how?
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    Integrate updates in Office 2016/19

    Office click to run don't have "updates" it's AIO build with self-update mechanism for traditional Office 2016 msi, just add patches msp file in Updates folder inside the ISO
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    Windows 7 SP1 Cannot Integrate Update KB4537820 - Monthly Rollup

    Officially, ESU updates cannot be integrated offline unless you use Audit+Sysprep, or unofficial bypass workaround that suppress the ESU check
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    [fod] packages not recognised?

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    Windows 7 - Remove EOSNotify

    neither KB3125574 or its prerequisite SSU inlcude GWX it only contain the same telemetry components now found in monthly rollup this whole telemetry thing in Win 7/8.1 is too much overhyped it's simple and can be easily disabled
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    Windows 8.1

    Clanger Yes, dism +cab work for both the block is only in WUAgent, which the msu file also use for installation
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    v1.9.0.7290 does not want to integrate NETFX3 cabs into v1909 (RESOLVED) is not needed for NetFx3, main lang packs already contain required resources
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    Language pack downloads - Windows 10/8.1/7

    kaizouzuki you can use the attached script, it will rename uup files to FOD-scheme (make sure you first run the uup rename script on the downloaded files)
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    How can i disable automatic updates of Internet Explorer 11 using NTLite?

    This option has no effect on Windows 8.1 and 10
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    Windows 7 - Remove EOSNotify

    Why on earth are you deleting files and registry? just disable the schedule tasks and add DiscontinueEOS registry value
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    Windows 7 - Updates Download List 2018-02

    AI = Advanced Installer
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    Language pack downloads - Windows 10/8.1/7

    FYI, the listed links in appsforwin10 page are all for version 1803 it's better blacklist that click-bait site since version 1809, lang packs and FOD packs are only...
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    Features On Demand Problem - Developer Mode

    You also need this file DeveloperMode require WebDriver capability
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    Slipstreamed Windows 10 update(s) are downloaded and installed again from Windows update

    Since 1809, LCU get reoffered if you install update after it, or change Feature on Demand state MRT and WD are not updates
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    .NET 462 wont install on W7 Pro SP1 - Solved

    No, it's only needed if the path (file or registry) contain spaces
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    .NET 462 wont install on W7 Pro SP1 - Solved

    They update the file timestamp from time to time, but the certificate file don't change (sha1 8F43288AD272F3103B6FB1428485EA3014C0BCFE) actually, all these urls provide same file :)...
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    .NET 462 wont install on W7 Pro SP1 - Solved

    What file? the certificate? it have not changed
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    Updating Microsoft Store and Adding New Apps to ISO

    Adding 3rd party apps offline require OEM license file, which is not available