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    Event Viewer Channels bugged?

    Hi! I disable a ton of these, but everytime i notice only a few remain after reloading the xml. Now i tried disabling a lot of them again, and saved the xml manually and investigate, and this shows up (Just a fraction example): <Tweak name="Packaged...
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    Windows 7 - Optimize Gaming/Poweruser/Runtime Profile, optional ability for absolute minimal resources. (UEFI possible)

    Windows 7 - Optimize Gaming/Poweruser/Runtime Profile, ability to run absolutely minimal. Version: New is newest, If I decide to keep updating I'll start versioning. Similarly tuned to my LTSC build, works on VMware and physical computer. If in doubt follow my LTSC instructions for aid...
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    Windows 7 latest NTLite, No telemetry removal option?

    Windows 7 latest NTLite, No telemetry removal option? I can no longer find it, and AitAgent.exe and corresponding tasks exist after install. .___.
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    (re)load registry when creating image.

    I noticed that sometimes I do some editing in reg files while the reg files were already loaded, and don't take the new additions in. So NTLite preloads them and not (re)loads them on creating image. Is there any technical reason not to reload them when creating image as well? Or is this...
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    Easier Post-setup commands.

    Hi! I've been using post-commands in my profile extensively and I'm currently over 100+ entries. But it becomes very tedious to manage and keep it sorted. Adding new ones is no problem, but when you want to keep them organized (Just for clarity sake) it becomes hard to do so. I try to keep some...
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    'Advanced Sharing Settings' once again broken on removal of Homegroup, 1809 + latest cumulative patch.

    'Advanced Sharing Settings' once again broken on removal of Homegroup, 1809 + latest cumulative patch. No response when clicked. Old thread: Maybe someone else can confirm?
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    1809: Removing XBox/GameDVR/GameMode without killing FSO

    1809 LTSC: Removing XBox/GameDVR/GameMode without killing Full Screen Optimization? (Its an option as a per executable on compatibility tab) Is it possible? Currently removing Xbox (On LTSC which doesnt have xbox app either way) removes 'Game Settings' from Settings including GameDVR and...
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    Updated Windows 8.1 -> Telemetry removal component not removing telemetry executables.

    Hi. Recently processed a Windows 8.1 (Fully updated) build in NTLite, however after the component removal process, with removing telemetry, there is still telemetry going on in the background after an installation. Both Compattelrunner.exe and diagtrackrunner.exe occasionally seem to start at...
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    'Unload registry failed'

    Continuously getting this on the last two (beta) updates. Not sure if related. Already tried unload, cleaning dirs and all sorts, but it just keeps happening. Any idea? :-C Happens on the end of 'removal' when its lit green and 100%
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    Windows 10 LTSC 1809 - Optimize Gaming/Poweruser/Runtime Profile, retaining maximum compatibility. For x64/UEFI systems.

    Windows 10 LTSC 1809 - Optimize Gaming/Poweruser/Runtime Profile, retaining maximum compatibility. For x64/UEFI systems. [Updated 2020-02-26, will not receive any more updates as I personally went on with Post-install scripts to configure my windows] Version 1.0.5b - Event Channels now fixed...
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    Trying to fix a program with my build for 2 days...

    Trying to fix why a VPN program's Network lock didn't work in my Windows 10 build for 2 days, finally found the culprit 'MobilePC' Googling this component just now redirects me back to NTLite website release notes, november 13th patch: "Components: ‘Mobile PC’ removal breaking ‘Windows...
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    "Preparing Windows" hangs to black screen

    "Preparing Windows" hangs to black screen On a 1511 build. What could be the cause of this? I can go to task manager, run cmd prompt and everything, just desktop wont show up.
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    Driver removal.

    Hi there! From a technical aspect, stripping drivers from either W7/10 only reduces the iso but doesn't actually increase mem usage / overhead at runtime right? I mean drivers only get loaded when the hardware for it is detected? Can always disable useless devices afterwards. Or is there...
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    Media Feature Pack / N Version, which component is which?

    Hi! I'm curious when stripping a non-N version, which basically includes the 'media feature pack' (whereas N version does not), which components (that can be removed) is responsible for this: - Video playback in browser like Firefox (Which require external windows video codec) where Chrome has...
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    License woes?

    Hi! Currently tweaking and testing various Windows versions, and I keep two partitions for Windows 7 and 10. I occasionally switch around, reinstall etc but every time NTLite keeps telling me that I have to spend another activation. The NTLite tool runs from a different SSD I keep solely for...
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    Internet Explorer HTML Viewer + Nvidia driver = Bad.

    Hi, I just wanted to make a report on an issue I discovered. When you remove Internet Explorer HTML viewer from the build, Nvidia installer crashes when you click "Agree and continue". Nvidia log also indicate crash related to 'html'. I figured out because of this post...
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    Newly attached or modified devices don't get re-initialized/sorted

    Edit: More info later post So after I tweaked my Windows 7 build with NTLite I eventually saw some weird stuff going. As soon as I disconnect a drive in diskmgmt.msc and re-initialize it (or create new volume after deleting old one) format it and mmc/diskmgmt simply hangs. Also seen this...