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    NTLite Adding undocumented registry key to HKLM

    Hello, while auditing a image i made using NTLite, I noticed that there was an undocumented key that had been added to HKLM hive from NTLite. Why is this being added, and why is it not documented that it is added to the final Install.wim? Also are there other keys/values being added/modified...
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    Add File Explorer pin to default user taskbar in Windows 10 LTSC

    I'm looking for away to reintegrate the file explorer pin within a Windows 10 LTSC image. I know that you can use a powershell script to reimport a layout, but I i think that only works for the one user the account that the script is run against. Has any one found a way to make it part of the...
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    What is the correct formatting for an imported reg file?

    Hello, I am having difficulty identifying the correct format that NTLite is expecting for keys/values in a .reg file when trying to import them. I can see the key in the preview window, butt the value does seem to be present. Additionally i have confirmed with a VM install that the keys are not...