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  1. bseklecki

    Service Tweaks XML Question & Question about Boot vs System

    All: Win Server 201x Question (2016, v1607 in my case): In the XML for saved configuration presets, the value for <Tweak> maps to Boot or System? What are the numerical equivalencies? 4 Is Disabled if I believe. I ask because I've had some trouble relating the config values from the...
  2. bseklecki

    Driver Integration error when Loading a new Image?

    I have finally acquired a Ent/IOT LTSC Image from a Dell Recovery USB stick; It has previously been ADK/NLite'd by Dell for Dell Precision 5820XL platform. When I load it for the first time, I get an odd, mostly NULL error, about driver integration (Existing item) I have "Auto load saved...
  3. bseklecki

    Build Environment Hardware Discussion

    I have a 1809/Pro with 16gb RAM, high end i5 (joke), and non-NVMe SSD; which is decent, but the OS is managed by umbrella corporation and lots of agents adding overhead. It takes about 45min-1 hour to "load" an Win Server 2016 or Win 10 LTSC 1809 image. It takes about 3 hours to "commit a...
  4. bseklecki

    Amature Question

    If the installer doesn't find a newer generation/exotic RAID or HBA, then that driver needs to be loaded into the "Boot/Setup" (boot.wim) , correct? And , if I add that driver to the main image (Into any OS/product), it WILL NOT automatically also be added to Boot/Setup (setup.wim)? It needs...
  5. bseklecki

    Anyone testing Win10 vesion2004 / build19041 / 20H1?

    All: Redmond released Win10 "may 2020" aka "20H1" aka version 2004 on Monday. Has anyone run it though NTLite yet? I successfully performed a build? How about with a FOD addition: NetFX3 and NTLite was asking for the CABs in updates\10.0.1909.x64.FOD\ , so perhaps I thought a new build of...
  6. bseklecki

    Silly Question: Show Previously Integrated Drivers?

    All: Silly question: If I load an image, integrate a driver, save/build it, unload it, then re-load it: Can I see a detailed list of previously integrated drivers added by NTLite that were not part of the original/OEM image? (I cannot find a way in the GUI to discern this) I...