windows 10

  1. Sinical

    How do I set image compression to Recovery?

    I've forced NTLite to use DISM.exe and want to create an image that uses Recovery/LZMS compression, but still is in the WIM format, not ESD In the Settings.xml file the default settings is <WimCompression>2</WimCompression> which I assume translates to "DISM /Compress:max" with 1 representing...
  2. N

    I removed Hyper-V. Any good way to get it back in my live install?

    Hi. I removed hyper-v from the iso I used to install my windows 10. Issue is that I did not realize that Docker depended on hyper-v. so now I need it back. Any good ways to get it back? I vaguely remember that I may be able to point DISM to a folder with a vanilla windows image and install it...
  3. A

    Office 2019 Pro will not install

    Hello all, i am currently trying to get office 2019 installed in post setup. I made myself a custom config.xml and downloaded the office files and put them in "%windir%\Setup\Scripts\Office 2019 Download". In my config I have specified the path. In my Files folder is my Config.xml and the...
  4. Sweden10

    I seek advice on suitable W10 22H2 ISO

    Hello, I seek an advice. Is "Windows10_InsiderPreview_Client_x64_en-us_19045.1826" a suitable iso/version to have as a base when working with NTLite? Thanx in advance Sweden10 (Licensed user)
  5. Sinical

    Does using no WIM/ESD compression perform any differently after installation?

    Does it perform any better or is it less common to return errors or bug out? I know it might sound like a dumb question but I guess I'm paranoid a little and I also really like to squeeze the most out of my hardware. And I definitely don't mind sacrificing a few extra GB for my OS to do it...
  6. M

    Steps for making Up-to-Date Windows 10/11 ISO file

    I wanted to integrate --> (A) Cumulative updates (B) Cumulative updates for .NET Framework Updates (A) & (B) to image file of Windows OS. (C) Security Intelligence update and (D) Anti- malware platform update Finally (C) & (D) to MS Defender Antivirus!! Anyone knows step by step procedure...
  7. W

    How to keep Windows Defender (Atlas OS preset)

    What do I need to keep on in NTLite so default windows defender would work? For some reason it says "No active antivirus provider" even though I kept "Windows Security" and all that comes with it selected in NTLite (Checked registry and windows defender isn't disabled there too). Windows 10 Pro...
  8. Hellbovine

    Windows 10 Network Discovery Registry Key

    I'm having trouble figuring out which registry key is responsible for a particular scenario, and hoping someone can help: Install Windows 10 without internet (unplug ethernet cable from PC). Then, once you are at the desktop if you plug in the ethernet cable it will suddenly give you a very...
  9. Hellbovine

    Windows 10 Spectre and Meltdown Mitigation

    Some time ago there was a vulnerability identified as "Spectre" and "Meltdown" that was patched in Windows. The "problem" with Microsoft's fix, is that they patched the OS with a temporary workaround that decreases CPU performance. The long term solution to mitigate these vulnerabilities is...
  10. Hellbovine

    Windows 10 User Tracking

    I'm pretty sure I'll eventually figure this out on my own as I make my way through the pile of registry tweaks I'm testing, but in an effort to help speed up that process I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this one so I don't have to wait, since it's quite the annoyance right now. Anyone...
  11. Hellbovine

    NTLite Image Failure

    I will update the original post in this thread if it becomes popular, so that it serves as a guide that we can direct people to. But for now I just have a quick question... Is there a list of known issues that prevent Windows Setup from installing Windows? I just started importing services...
  12. Hellbovine

    Windows Setup Fails to Boot

    I came back from a week-long break on working on my Windows image, and when I tried to boot to my USB stick to install Windows it acts like it's about to boot into the USB drive, it has a black screen and right before it says "exFAT" and would then load the "Windows Setup" screen it just boots...
  13. Clanger

    How can I solve the problem offline servicing in Windows 10

    LTSC 1809 preset v5 17763.2114 20220406.xml. Mod note: Preset copied over from deleted thread. Sorry for the date ordering.
  14. SM03

    MS teams ad banner in OneDrive desktop client

    Does anyone know any way/workaround (reg or group policy tweak) to block this MS team ads in the OD client? I fed up closing this thing again & again, such a high nagging advertisement.
  15. SM03

    Few Suggestions For Windows 10 Settings

    Hi nuhi I have a few suggestions to share for future NTL builds for W10 1. Choose where to get/install Apps Reg Path: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender\SmartScreen 2. Automatically Process Video to Enhance it Reg Tweak for this...
  16. T

    GamerOS Windows 10 & 11 DIY Preset

    So after about a year with NTlite and a lot of experimentation and testing I've create this for all game enthusiasts, it is basic windows meant for gaming, I myself mainly play and tested this with cs go, I hope that I've maintained other features needed for gaming and such programs that one...
  17. D

    NTLite and SCCM task sequence

    Hi, I want to use an image which including updates with Task Sequence in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager. But when all steps of task sequence are done I noticed that everything what was previously prepared by MDT/MECM now is erased and I have clean Windows. It is still in domain, but...
  18. SM03

    MSFT Account profile picture ain't showing for any UWP apps in a NTLited Win 10 Pro installed system

    Using Windows 10 online with logged into the MSFT account but the MSFT account (profile) picture ain't showing in any UWP app installed in the system. Here, in this screenshot, the MSFT acc PP ain't showing in three UWP apps i.e MS Store, Weather & Photos Tested this for several different...
  19. C

    Windows update service bugging.

    Hey, I have made ISO the 12th time legit and tried on 2 different ISO's 1809,20H2. Windows booting up properly but windows update service is Missing in both of them and i really need it for windows store. 1st pic : it's from live ntlite to check if windows update component is Missing or not...
  20. C