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  1. K

    Unable to Join Domain

    After creating an image and installing, the system is unable to join the domain. It shows the following error: "An error occurred attempting to join the domain: The specified service is not an installed service." As you might imagine, the missing service is not actually specified. The Error...
  2. S

    Windows Enterprise N 2019 LTSC 1809 Microphones subsystem removed after NTLite configurations?

    Perhaps I'm missing something here, but after a modification and installation of a driver-targeted 2019LTSC N installation onto a PC, we've found that the microphone subsystem seems to be missing entirely from Windows. Speakers work but no microphones, USB or 3.5mm, will be recognized, and the...
  3. R

    [1903] Local search broken after removing components

    Hello, everyone. I finally bought NTLite, since I initially used it in conjunction with MSMG Toolkit to make an adequate installation of Windows 10 1803 (which I am currently using since that time). Now, I decided to switch to NTLite entirely. I removed everything I didn't need, and tried the...
  4. S

    Need help regarding customizing 19H1 AKA 1903 ISO

    Hello everyone, need some help & assistance. Now that the recent 19H1 ISO released, I've downloaded the EN UK x64 Consumer ISO & using latest NTLite BETA version to customise it. Firstly, I'd like to ask/know that if I integrate the CU KB4495666 v18362.53 & Flash KB4493478 in this...
  5. T

    W10 1803 "Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware."

    I am installing this image in VMWare Workstation 15. Started with Windows 10 1803 Untouched ISO, then added updates, then applied 2 presets sequentially. NTLite Home license, v1.7.5.6842 I have made extensive removals to this preset, and slipstreamed all updates prior. So, I'm not overly...
  6. I

    additional Hyper-V dependencies in windows 10

    additional Hyper-V component dependencies in windows 10, which are not protected by the "compatibility" button, and without which the GUI of Hyper-V (like Fast Create VM) doesn't work: NET.Native.Runtime (I have not yet figured out which version 1.6 or 1.7 and set both) Windows Presentation...
  7. B

    Black Screen with Windows 10 Pro After Initial Reboot in Hyper-V

    Just purchased the business version of NTLite and running into an issue that I can't quite figure out yet. From Hyper-V, I have it booting to the iso that NTLite created and it boots fine to the install screen. From there I delete the drives from the previous try, it uploads the initial...
  8. S

    Latest 2018-11 CU KB4467708 showing & not installing even after integrating it to latest Win10 via latest NTlite beta version

    Recently I've made a customised Win10 bootable ISO via the latest NTLite v1.8.0.6593 beta. Install & Boot.wim source was from the ISO that made from latest 17763.107 refreshed ESD. Integrating all the drivers & latest 2018-11 CU KB4467708, 2018-11 SSU KB4465664 & 2018-11 SU for Adobe KB4467694...
  9. NoTRite

    Drivers impact on RAM/Process Count?

    Hey guys, Just a general question... Does removing drivers give any sort of performance boost? Or is decreasing final install size the only benefit? I'm asking because I noticed some services related to these drivers are set to start at Boot, according to the Extra Services page. So I'm...
  10. NoTRite

    Windows Recovery Drive not working after using NTLite

    I just finished making my windows ISO and installing, only to find out that the recovery drive I made with it afterwards won't work when I test it. When I boot up from the recovery drive and select Troubleshoot => Recover from a Drive => Just remove my files => Recover, it will go up to 60% and...
  11. R

    Edit Start Menu and Taskbar

    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to change the start menu and taskbar in Windows 10 with NTLite. I have the taskbar and start menu xml's, but, don't know how I could use them. Here is some documentation that I found on using those customizations. Configure Taskbar Configure Start...
  12. R

    [Windows 10] Removing Telemetry (Asimov) breaks automatic (driver) updates

    Purchased NTLite today, it seems like a great tool! I created a Windows 10 image removing a bunch of components, including Asimov (Telemetry). However, I quickly find out that the automatic (driver) updates did not work. I turns out that removing Asimov breaks this. Are there any solutions to...
  13. thamermousa

    Problem Error in audio definition مشكلة خطأ في تعريف الصوت

    Welcome! Hello nuhi , Kasual , Clanger , abbodi86 ISO worked and Install the computer Windows and the sound did not work Error in audio definition Then I worked ( Format and Install the computer Windows With-out NTLite The sound worked and it was good )...
  14. B

    When making a Win10 AIO - Suggestions

    Hello @nuhi, I'm a fan of your tool. Never the less some suggestions are in order. 1. Please add possibility to see x64 and x86 or 32bit and 64bit at the end of each version of Windows 10 in NTLITE (May also apply to 7/ 8 / 8.1) after one has Loaded a Folder or a ISO into NTLITE. 2. Maybe...
  15. MC_MuHyeon

    A problem with integrating December cumulative update for Win10 1507 x64 (KB4053581).

    Hi. I plan to use slipstreamed Windows 10 for my PC so I tried to integrate updates to a Windows 10 OS folder and whenever I try to apply the mentioned December cumulative update via NTlite, the program skips the integration of the update. The OS I tried to tweak was Windows 10 Enterprise KN...
  16. B

    Windows 10 AIO for Everyday? Advice? Preset?

    Does anyone have a tutorial/preset for a everyday Win10 1709 updated AIO iso (A-Z x86 and x64) image? Meaning most of the tech and spy mumbo jumbo stripped out? Everyday means: Not Removed / Tweaked: Windows Activation Components and Services 4G LTE support / 4G Data plan support Smart Card...
  17. cutter

    Sync Host feature removal windows 10 LTSB

    I would like to remove Sync Host in windows 10 LTSB But I would like to keep MHT format support to read .MHT files In previous version of NTlite, component "windows mail communication dll" was split from Sync Host Thanks
  18. Kasual

    New CU that fixes some kb4038788 Cumulative Update bugs

    Source: Neowin
  19. maszd

    problem with default program configuration on win10 1703

    original topic here thanks @Kasual i will try.