More problems with v1.8.7182


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Now I wanted to integrate upates into a win81 x64 (single lang) image, but the process did not complete correctly. All updates were integrated, except the latest cumm. update (KB4520005). It says "skipped" and an error pops up saying that "the specified process could not be found. error 0x0000007f [127]"

attached is the session file.


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Thank you for asking but no, ive been in bed all day weak as a kitten and barely able to move. Ive only been up for an hour or so and i gotta go back to bed, i am wrecked.

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As you may or may not have noticed we are a product specifiic forum so we are not as busy as the more generic forums about so there isnt a lot of really tech headed people about. In my part of the world its been the weekend. Many other places will be near the same give or take a few hours. Do you have a weekend? Have some patience and someone, Probably Nuhi, will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Hi, Besides auggy's suggestion, most of these issues are caused by physical memory crash, display card driver corrupted and disk format conflict. Test your memory: Click the Start button, type mem, and click on Windows Memory Diagnostic When the Windows Memory Diagnostic screen loads, click Restart now and check for problems The memory diagnostic will run and may take some time (or a ...
Seems like isn't a NTLite related issue but a windows common issue.

You have missed to attach the ntlite and dism log files.


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If it were a memory issue, other updates would have failed, but they didn't, only the latest cummulative update was skipped. This is my everyday PC, it runs 24/7 with ZERO BSODs. Could it be I need to install the latest deployment tools, since I'm running win7?
The PC I usually use for this process is another PC running Win81 (which I needed to re-install, that´s why I wanted to create an updated win81 image).

I'm gonna try again on my other PC (the one I use for this kind of stuff) and see what happens.

Quote: "Seems like isn't a NTLite related issue but a windows common issue. ". No, you didn't undertand, I didn't get a BSOD, NTLITE popped-up a window saying "the the process could not be found, error 0x0000007f [127]"
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Si lo entendí.

All has been understood but can't explain.

How many updates are about half GB that needs more resources (drive/memory space)?


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Only other thing that comes to mind is the Windows 7 as the host, try some other as Microsoft is not fixing exotic issues on it.
Virtual machine is also fine, if you don't want to use Win8.1 or 10 as your main OS.

Where did you find that list of updates, some are seeming quite obsolete?
I suggest to try the NTLite's update list (Updates-Add-Latest online updates).

Btw Saturday and Sunday are not working days.
If something is urgent, please contact me over email and mention why.

Checking your other post as well, will reply there.

Thanks for the feedback.


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The only reason I used my PC with win7 was because the PC I usually use for this stuff (which has win81 x64) was temporarily out of commission. Now that I got it running again I'm gonna give it another try (when I have some free time)

I routinely check the updates list to see if any of them have been replaced, I check them in the windows update catalog. I also install windows in a VM using an original image (windows 8.1 U3, in this case) and check the updates that windows update is asking for against my list. I'm pretty sure the updates I use are required..