Ms Office Compatibility Fonts - Are language specific?


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The protected fonts by checking Microsoft Office Compatibility were reported for an specific language?

I have removed all of them (protected by checking Ms office compatibility check box) and had no issues installing office 2007 or 2016 and tried add a "WordArt" word in power point without issues.

You can see the screenshot from VirtualBox: View attachment 57

Anyone have removed those fonts?


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Could very well be, I'm also interested as that list is assembled from multiple reports.
Some fonts were needed for install, you would get an error popup which you can ignore, and font for equations, nothing too mandatory as far as I'm concerned.


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There was not any kind of popup in both installs.
I'll try about the equations but i removed all the unfamiliar fonts (never seen them before).

Edit said:
I didn't saw any problem with simbols or greek letters in equations.
All the kept fonts are part of protected and unprotected but i already have seen them in previous windows and office versions.
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