NTLite and Windows 10 PRO 1507


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Hi everyone,

It seems every time I try and remove components from the original disc, it just rolls back the changes it made. Does NTLite not work with the original disc anymore? If it doesn't, is there a way to use an older version of NTLite to perform the operation?

Thank you.


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always use the latest version of the tool, that rollback only happens in certain versions that people share around - it never happens with official versions.


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Yeah, a friend of mine gave it to me to try and make a small windows for an old netbook I have saying it would make it run better. I will just download it from the website.

Thank you for your quick reply, I appreciate your help.


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Kombowz when you download add the version name to the file number so you can always roll back if needed, we dont share old versons(by order of the management :D )