NTLite ARM64 build


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Microsoft windows now issues builds of windows 10 for ARM64.
NTLite also works to edit ISO's for ARM64.
However, NTLite does not currently run on ARM64.


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Hi olivered,

due to a few technical reasons, and the lack of demand, that won't be coming so soon.
It's always possible to run a virtual machine with Win10 x64 and configure images from there.


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i have no problem editing images on win64 that are in aarch64. but for live edits, host refresh cleanup, etc- it’s helpful to be able to host on arm.
If you want me to help you with this i have a Lenovo Yoga C630 13’ arriving today i will be testing ntlite built images out for.

The issue i have with it is that the device ships with windows home S which as you know is the most gdpr noncompliant windows edition ever released. i will be working extensively to free this beautiful little minx.