Phone app & Privacy app - "some settings are managed by your org... Warning Problem"


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I'm having "Some settings are managed by your organization." warning in 3 of my settings.
Problem's SS:

My Ntlite Preset is attached, (first i thought i can solve it by myself since i don't even erase any component only configure some settings but: this is my settings page: and i enabled everything in privacy part via host refresh. but still all 4 warnings at 3 locations are still there:

Phone Settings
Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback (2 dif red warning here)
Privacy > Activity history

Preset is attached because i couldn't solve it by tweaking privacy part via hostrefresh... it has to be another thing in my preset. (I do use unattended part via this preset too.)


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Still couldn't fix via host refresh i nearly tried everything. btw i'm guessing this preset was working without any warning at earlier versions of ntlite.


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I get a "403 Forbidden" error trying to view those screenshots you posted so here's another shot in the dark about the diagnostics warning.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Those warnings in of themselves are nothing to be concerned about so long as you made the proper choice in NTLite and have no desire to change them. They basically just mean you can't toggle them on or off as the user normally can. The reason switching them between enabled or disabled in NTLite doesn't remove the warning is because either way the related keys remain in existence and are thus read and used in the current state from the Group Policy areas and are meant to be applied 'over' user choices. Those warning are just there to let a user know they can't tweak those settings due to those already existing rules.

didn't work :( screenshots are unimportant don't worry... its only showing red writing of error. and the other ss was the ntlites interface which applies preset i gave..
i just wanted to be able to choose them from ntlite and be able to change them afterwards when i wanted as normal user...

i think the problem is about INK part. because that setting is grayed out
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actually i fixed it by deleting 3 things from second path u gave but i dont know which so i will find it thank you.

deleting them will break down my ntlite settings. but with them i am not able to control my settings. it tricky.
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Found Them All Thanks To Your Helps!

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



;Fix For First Part
;Fix For Second Part

These reg changes fixes 4 issues in 3 locations. Just need to find which settings in ntlite causes them.. if you know please tell me.
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Thank you ege914 for the update on the locations that helped on your end. Perhaps nuhi can shed some light on them but regardless they may help others in similar situations.

As I can understand your desire to be able to alter settings ~ I'm tempted to suggest some sort of 'Group Policy' separation (with a more understandable name) where the settings could instead be pre-configured using 'normal locations' with the stated risk of them being overwritten during setup/install or by any user thereafter with an opt in on the policy areas?

Personally I think the policies stance is the best start but I also understand not everyone has access to gpedit.msc much less understands how it works so a "compatibility" option by a better name might be called for here to reduce future instances of unexpected inabilities to change 'X' settings. :-/

It'd be a tall ask for sure but once done I think it'd make for a much better "settings" agenda.
i wonder and i hope if nuhi hi can tell us what are those reg entries name in ntlite settings. cuz i need to revert them back to default


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The ones from my .regs would likely be:
Settings > Privacy > Automatic installation of sponsored apps (Consumer Experience)
Settings > Privacy > Let Microsoft provide more tailored experiences with relevant tips and recommendations by using your diagnostic data
Settings > Privacy > Let Windows collect my activities from this PC ('Timeline')

or you could just remove them directly from the .xml by deleting the lines
<Tweak name="CloudContent\DisableWindowsConsumerFeatures">1</Tweak>
<Tweak name="DataCollection\AllowTelemetry">1</Tweak>
<Tweak name="System\EnableActivityFeed">0</Tweak>

For what you found, I am still unsure
i will try to find it myself but nuhi could tell us easly


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i couldn't solve Diagnostics by changing settings, couldn't find corrent one. nuhi can u tell me which settings are causing warning at Diagnostics please!? we even found correct reg entries, just need the name of ntlite setting of that reg file


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don't get why the warnings bother you, it's set as you wanted in the settings.
Either way, I would gladly help, so do you know which setting is in question?
To find out a tweak, simply search for preset name, meaning for
Google that, and you'll find the tweak.