Windows could not set the offline locale information


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this is my first go with this nifty little software. i was just trying to get rid of all the little bloatware apps installed by the base windows install. ive googled around an most of the things i saw referred to some settings being set or not set in the unattended section. but since im using the free version i did not even enable that section and i cant find anywhere else to set locale manually.
Unattended mode is available in the free edition. Click Enable on the toolbar, scroll down and find:

OOBE (Final install options) / Windows localization
WindowsPE (Setup option) / Windows localization


WindowsPE defines the locale for running Setup, and OOBE defines locale for the installed Windows.

You can "cycle" through the different locales by repeatedly pressing the first letter of the region or language. Make sure you pick the right settings. Some locales like English have many regional choices.