With Immediate Effect


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I am withdrawing from all computer work with immediare effect. I am deleting forum accounts everywhere except for the most valuable ones.
Posts pm's and replies will go unanswered. I am locking myself out of my profile here and at other forums, if you cant reach me here then you wont reach me there.

nuhi You have full control over my accounts, my threads topics and any uploads i have shared here. You can edit alter or do wholescale changes as you see fit. :)

If users have any contributions that would fit in well with my tweaks presets whatever then please submit them to nuhi and if approved nuhi will give you suitable credits.

I am still one of nuhi's desciples and thank him for allowing me to make this place a home from home.
Take care play nice and be patient ;)


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You're always welcome to the forum, logon whenever you want or can, it's not all or nothing.

We'll miss you :)


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I will be around during christmas and new years holidays, answer simple stuff, get people to post last session files etc, spammer watcher ;)

I cant even get projects i was doing finished and as most posts are for newer w10 builds, im still using 1809, those questions are out of my knowledge area. I only turn the workstation on to do my audio stuff then it goes off, ive hardly had it on in the past 8 to 12 weeks, possibly longer. :(