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Stuck in "wait a moment"

Hi! I've added 20 programs in the post setup section (see program list in the image). After installation i get stuck for hours with the "wait a moment" blue screen. Any idea on how to fix it


  • Hi,

    I have exact same problem as this user above me.
    I have been stuck in "wait a moment" for over 15h without anything happen. I did hard reboot the computer and then I realize that nothing from post-setup have been executed except my powershell script (joining domain and correct OU) and then my CMD command that is changing KMS-server.

    I have self extracted winrar files that is doing silent installation of few apps and this have been working without any problem with Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 10 1511 Enterprise and Windows 10 1607 Enterprise.

    I did update my nt-lite this time so I was certain that 1703 is supported. I do not know if this version of nt-lite dont work as it should or it is 1703 version (my iso is from msdn)

    thanks in advance
  • edited July 2017

    all post-setup installers need to be set with the silent switch, and no prompts.

    That will be better supported sometime during 1.4 betas, for now you can test that script manually in CMD, best is from a virtual machine, and see which installer complained.

    You can reboot that stuck install, it will then logon successfully, then go to elevated CMD and run:

    The installer which shows an error message or prompts something needs a different switch probably. Just make sure to skip those that were already installed with the stuck first attempt.

    When the script is ran it auto-deletes itself, so when retrying recopy the entire \Windows\Setup\ folder content from your ISO/USB .\Sources\$OEM$\$$\Setup folder.

    Then if it's unclear which installer reports some error, edit the setupcomplete.cmd to remove @echo off line, then you'll see the command before it fails to know which it was.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help with in the meantime.
  • There is a silent switch in winrar SFX packets, I have run with this solution without any problem with Windows 10 1607 version without any problem. It working beatiful for me. But now with latest Windows 10 update that is called creators edition or 1703 it does not work anymore.

    I will try this in a VM environment and I will come back with results.
  • Hey!

    Thanks for the tip about setupcomplete.cmd.
    I have now resolve my issue. It was Lenovo System update program that was waiting for "next.. next... finish" :)
  • Thanks for the info, will improve that to be easier to see.
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