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    Win 10 1909 x64 & NTLite crash during Cleanup

    Thanks xCom, cannot replicate that, should not happen yet your dump file proves it can. Do you get it each time or maybe a special sequence is required? If it's each time, can you please attach the preset you load (and open no other pages or do anything manually) so that I can replicate it...
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    Win 10 1909 x64 & NTLite crash during Cleanup

    Hi, thanks, do you have a dump file (%temp%\ntlite.dmp)?
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    crash update

    I mean do you load any preset, maybe automatically, and which ISO so that I can see the crash? Maybe a gif recorded demonstrating the issue instead, you can send it to support at ntlite dot com. Thanks.
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    OneDrive Sync Status icons

    Thanks gilius, will check and add a new compatibility once confirmed.
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    Make text bigger - disappeared!

    It's under Settings - Ease Of Access, not when accessing Settings - Display directly, even on full Windows. Should be there even with Accessibility tools removed.
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    crash update

    Hi Sebinou. Hm, cannot replicate that. Can you please tell me more, like which exact NTLite version, do you load (or is automatically loading) some preset first? Thanks.
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    Bigger iso size with new version

    Hi Angela, as you have discovered that previous topic, the difference is if Servicing Stack or Windows Update is kept, NTLite will switch to package protection mode, which saves many more files in WinSxS. Newer version should remove more unless the old one had a bug and removed what shouldn't...
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    Bluetooth - couldn't connect

    Thanks gilius, appreciate the feedback. Will review if that can be avoided or it's a hard dependency which should be linked to Bluetooth and description expanded. Since Bluetooth is sort of a network, it's possible as that component is a broker/connection from apps to the functionality.
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    SQL Express 2014 doesn't work with this preset

    It seems the option "Use only latest CLR (.NET version)" is the one. Make sure not to set it until the Windows setup is done. I'll see about delaying it, because the issue is not 100% understood why would Windows do this. For now skip it on images if you're in a hurry. Thanks.
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    SQL Express 2014 doesn't work with this preset

    If I apply your preset, SQL setup doesn't even start, no error code for me. Skipping/Resetting Settings and Services pages when making ISO made it work. I also used unattended autofil, was doubting on the "Administrator" computer name. Now need to take a pause, will find which exact setting it...
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    SQL Express 2014 doesn't work with this preset

    OK, will download Turkish ISO and check with your new preset.
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    SQL Express 2014 doesn't work with this preset

    Hi, first I tried the preset and it couldn't install SQL Express 2014 because it was missing .NET 3.5, but the error was different than yours on the screenshot. So I have added the .NET in the Updates page (Add - Template). Also enabled .NET 3.5 WCF under Features. Remade ISO. Then it passed...
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    NTLite ARM64 build

    Thanks olivered, be sure to report any major issues.
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    SOLVED: Cellular gone missing - please help

    gilius, thanks, your feedback is appreciated. Will see if it can be added to the compatibility option.
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    How to delete published questions

    On this forum? Only by being an admin or moderator. Tell me to do it, you can use a private message or email.