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    WMI Issues / am I using NTLite properly?

    Hi, it's up to the user to type in any Computer Name you want on the Unattended page, do it after using the Autofill option, so that it doesn't get overwritten with the local value again. Recently the option to Prompt for computer name during setup is also available (dropdown on the Computer...
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    OneCoreUAP.OneSync being reintroduced despite disabled in Preset

    That's Exchange ActiveSync... feature on demand, tested it now on 1903 and it disabled fine. Then tested the preset load on the enabled image to get pending disabling, seems to work as well. Can you walk me through how to see the issue? It's about the Feature On Demand, does it remove the...
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    Windows 7 - Remove EOSNotify

    Hello, thanks for your support. Here you can find info on telemetry in Windows, and yes it cannot be disabled, 0 value is for Security level.
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    Windows 10 Enterprise (1909) and KB4497165

    Checked the package, information in the program seems correct and the link is correct. You're welcome to download 4497165 V4 yourself and check by opening it with 7-zip or similar, then view update.mum for info that NTLite parses. If you find a newer than V4 (, let me know. Thanks.
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    [Post-Setup] GPO folder being cleaned during setup?

    To apply GPOs directly you can use a domain and set it up on the user itself. If using local users only, it is possible to apply the GPOs with the Local Policy Editor and sysprep/capture the image, replacing the .\Sources\install.wim with that image - bit tedious. For NTLite, I recommend taking...
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    Im not sure which version of NTlite should i use or buy.

    Hi, I believe this is taken care of over the email. Thanks for your purchase, yes, Home License is covering much more removals compared to the free version, they would be locked in Blue. Feel free to contact me over email if you need support.
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    Event Viewer Channels bugged?

    Fix released in the build 7330, let me know if all good now. Thanks.
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    Some displayed Settings are not specific to W7

    Filtered those obvious to me in the build 7330, let me know if I missed any if you happen to stumble on it. Btw to save time typing, change the value on it and save into a preset, then right-click the preset and Edit, then copy-paste the names. Thanks anyway.
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    Ms. Store Doesnt Work (Windows 10 1909)

    Hi, thanks for reporting, but... this is a Windows feature. This crash is a nice way of saying Please enable Windows Update service :) Just tested it on full Windows, but Store must not access the internet before testing this, disable WU and crash, reenable it and works. Let me know if you...
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    Event Viewer Channels bugged?

    The state of the channels can be seen by opening that image/installation in NTLite, it will show real states. Just saving to preset didn't work, but since this applies also to the in-memory ones between reloads inside a single session (e.g. after updating, reloading then continuing with the...
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    [fod] packages not recognised?

    Thanks abbodi86
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    Event Viewer Channels bugged?

    Thanks for reporting this, will fix for tomorrow's maintenance release.
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    Error message during an installation of a Win 10 Pro created by NTLite: "Installation was aborted"

    Hi fermion, that doesn't sound like something expected. Please attach the preset used (autosaved session XML file from that ISO or Presets list), for me to replicate and review. Thanks.
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    WindowsUpdates Not working Post-Ntlite Modding

    Interesting, the opencl.dll is in rdvgwddmdx11.inf component, tied to RemoteFX - didn't know AMD driver needs it, must add that to description once confirmed. Try keeping that in the future, or add opencl.dll in Components - toolbar - Compatibility, right-side protected file list. Let me know...
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    Error Integrating KB4524244 (Pulled)

    Thanks for the info. Just to make it clear for others, MS pulled the update.