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Started making my NTLite builds on a Dell Precision 5820XL, NVMe SSD, 32GB ECC, Desktop Xeon 20+ Cores. #smokin'
What version you need? I have 4210, 4453, 4500, 4550, 4970, 4984, 5024, 5060, 5537, 5590, 5632, 5675, 5741, 5790, 6650, 6703, 7501
Thanks very much.
I have figured the problem not need to test previous version.
Have an nice day :)
Sorry, Clanger, for coming here often (Your page). I have been making a preset for NTLite for a long time. Your preset was an example to me. I come here, hoping to see its update. In fact, I already did everything I wanted. Sorry again if this annoyed you.