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Error Permission with version 8160​

Created ISO with 8160 and installed (as always) in VM perfectly.
When transferring files to the VM I get the following message: "cannot scan local directory. You might not have permission to perform the operation. Canceling the file copy operation"

you dont have to double post you know, nuhi see's everything.
I apologize but being a very important thing (I think) I thought I'd ask him about the problem ALSO in private
I added some unpleasant news...

Hi i have a problem which i asked in the general and you said that you would test it for me. Its regarding my network which i can not get to the properties to change ip address, I get an unexpected error occurred, Also the windows store i loading which i have no use for.
Have you had time to do so.
Thank You

Joao Barbosa
Ps. Did buy a license your help will much appreciated'


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