features on demand

  1. F

    Features On Demand Problem - Developer Mode

    Hello everyone, I'm using NTLite x64 (free license) and I am trying to integrate (to an offline image, not the live system) a Feature On Demand (FOD) - Developer Mode on a Windows 10 LTSC 1809 x64 image. (My working, live OS is also Windows 10 1809 LTSC x64). ISO I am using is...
  2. SM03

    HELP-Can't Add EN-IN Feature On Demand (FOD) packs in latest NTLite, getting error everytime

    Since version, NTLite introduced a new feature of adding 'Feature On Demand' packs under Configuration/Feature but I am unable to add those three Englis- India FOD packs listed there i.e Speech recognition, typing & text to speech as shown in 1st Screenshot. Every time I tried to...