1. PsychedelicShaman

    Additional sub-menu to integrate packages into the offline image, i.e. Store, Edge, Win32 Calculator

    Hello, im new to the forum, however im into tweaking and customizing Windows OS'es for long time already. :) I think that NTLite is absolutely the best software in this category, but i would like to see some additional features, such as the ability to integrate packages into the offline image...
  2. E

    Post-Setup .NET order? (Win 7, NTLite)

    I want to slipstream the following KB/setup packages. One image I made spent around 20 mins at post setup...the other one over 8 hours (left work, then was done the next day) 1. What order is optimal? 2. Where does the "Placeholder row for potentially deferred updates" fit best? 3. Can you add...