Bored? Help me make Windows 21h2 super light: low handles


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You're right, there is no option for live updates. Maybe that's for the best.
Hmm Friend . i see auto saved preset is created in presets directory as well as C: drive too . might be nuhi Dev must add option for live tweaking for the same dont backup preset so that these double presets saved will only come single itself in presets directory. its ok if log file is saved at C: drive or might be at root of NTLite Software directory for clean n lean C: drive after settings are applied to a live system.


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I disagree. The copy in C:\ adds visibility since it's the most recent edit, unlike all the previously saved copies in Presets.
Editing a live system is more dangerous, because most users don't back up their data or make a System Restore checkpoint.


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Ok friend but i already have a R-DriveImage v7 backup of whole disk sector by sector in forensic mode & i found it the best way to tweak online current installed os .
only settings tweaks no any component is touched & as well as compatilibily list is the default without unchecking anything there too.