[Bug]Windows 10 1507 LTSB doesn't work on NTLite


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regarding the original report at the top, the error 2338 when integrating.
I saw similar on 1607 when Microsoft messed up the cumulative updates integration.
Make sure the servicing stack(s) and cumulative update pre-requisites are all accounted for and on the updates list.
Removals do not matter if not done in the previous session on the same image.

Note that I do not support updating Windows build 10240, so there is no ready update list or experience with it.
I suggest switching to a newer Windows build, why use such an old one in the first place if I may ask?



1607 x86 have the same CU integration issue, since August or September 2018
no fix till now, like 1507

1607 x64 surprisingly don't have it