Does removing WinSxS files have an unknown impact on systems and software?


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After removing the WINSXS folder, after installing the system, the C disk occupied 4.6GB, which was 9.2GB before removing it.


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Just Windows Updates won't work, you'll need to use Host Refresh method or reinstall.
If you see any issues, let me know.


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Support isolation between COM and shared DLL:

A folder named "WinSxS" (Windows Side-by-Side) is provided under the "Windows" directory. The system uses this folder to store various versions of Windows components to reduce configuration problems (DLL hell) caused by Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL). Multiple versions of components are stored in this folder. Windows allows Windows 32? API components and applications to use Microsoft component versions that are identical to the versions used by these programs in testing and are not affected by other programs or operating system upgrades. Windows implements this function through XML files that store metadata about application configuration, such as COM classes, interfaces and type libraries.

The function of WinSxS folder:

"WinSxS" is a very important folder in Windows directory. There are many important components in the folder, and the version is very complex. In order to ensure the normal operation of Windows, the files in the folder are not deletable. These folders support mscorwks. dll, and can not be loaded without them nmscorwks. If you delete it forcibly, you may only be able to barely enter Windows in secure mode, and Windows will "hang up".