Embedding Lexware Financial Office Pro


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Hi folks,
has ever someone deployed Lexware Financial Office Pro as a single client license (Not Lexware Server/Client license!) with NTLite? Our school needs to install Lexware single client license on 40 Windows clients. Lexware only provides a small 3.23 MB install "initializer" .exe file and does not work the way we use to deploy other software with NTLite.
Any help is very appreciated.


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Anything that small is a web installer. Do you have the silent install switches? (web search says maybe -automation or /qb!)


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when the web installer runs it might brab a bunch of files or 1 great big installer, thats the one you want to get. damn bootstrappers :mad:.
use task manager or process explorer to see the main installer run and where it is, then copy/paste it somewhere.
install lexware on a test install then capture, it will be fully baked in then.
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I downloaded the installer, it has no silent option. This means the only solution is making it run on first logon as Administrator, and manually clicking through the menus. Something like:

- NTLite unattended logon as Administrator
- Copy installer as File (not Command) in post-setup
- Add command "cmd /c mkdir C:\tempfolder"
- Add command "cmd /c copy %WINDIR%\Setup\Files\installer C:\tempfolder"
- Add command "reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce /v runcommand /d "C:\tempfolder\installer" /f"

Not perfect, but this is the best w/o automation help.