Enabling Windows S mode


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Q&A from Discord, "How do I enable S mode on ISO?"

Windows S mode is enabled on a per-image basis. If you have multiple images in the same WIM, each image needs to integrate the included reg file (below).

Windows 10 x64-2022-11-28-20-07-35.png


To quit S mode, update the registry and reboot. Once removed, it can't be re-enabled again.


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And how do you disable it?

I might acquire a laptop that comes with S mode soon.

From what I read, you need to go to the Microsoft store... Can you do it only with a reg file, for example?
I tried the reg file, it wasn't enough, even after several reboots and shutdowns. I then edited many other things in the registry (offline, from Win PE, because even RegEdit wouldn't run) and finally it passed. I don't know what exactly did it, probably it was "developer mode" to allow apps not from the store.

My goal was to never log into Microsoft account (or create one) and I succeeded, but I don't know how. :oops:

Before that, the first big obstacle was to finish OOBE without connecting to the internet, after many tries I succeeded by marking the connection as metered and constantly resetting the router. Success, it created a local acount.
I have no idea why people want to run S mode. Someone on another forum asked about driver updates, and when you read MS docs about driver restrictions (must be signed, cannot install/run certain executable types) -- it's just better to wipe clean.

Why don't you use BypassRNO to force local account creation? I know it works, I made that screen capture.
I don't want to use S mode, that' how it came, a new laptop (pretty weak at that). I will wipe it soon, just wanted to see how it looks like. S mode is terrible, like a prison.