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I think we need to frame the situation correctly. Newer user features are increasingly designed to be managed by policy settings. Everything is still a registry key on the inside, but you're expected to use GPOs. It's just another layer.

Large organizations drive most of MS' revenue, and naturally most of the Windows restrictions are based on their requirements. They prefer the GPO method, and individual tweakers will use the "exported" reg key format.


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Sure - but as said earlier - GPOs control regs for some of them - not all unless it's Entreprise IT departments using protools from MS.
That's why we can integrate regs or use POST-SETUP as a replacement in NTL or/ else use SYSPREP as private users depending of witch version we're using.


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Can i move "Do not use diagnostic data for tailored experiences" or create from Administrative Templates (Users) to Administrative Templates (Computers)


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While you could edit ADMX templates, moving it around doesn't change the fact that "tailored experiences" is defined as HKCU, and everything in Administrative Templates (Computer) is HKLM.

It changes the Policy Editor's view, but not the functionality.


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downloaded the Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 10 October 2018 Update (1809) pack(see post no 46 below) from MS after following a link from getadmx. there are 9 additional templates not in 17763.3165, 205 v 214. the pack installs to program files (x86) and when i copied them over it said i needed elevated priviledges but 9 new ones copied over fine. zip file contains the 9 new admx files only so ubergeeks can see what they are.

includes the Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 10 October 2018 Update (1809), in the following languages:
  • cs-CZ Czech - Czech Republic
  • da-DK Danish - Denmark
  • de-DE German - Germany
  • el-GR Greek - Greece
  • en-US English - United States
  • es-ES Spanish - Spain
  • fi-FL Finnish - Finland
  • fr-FR French - France
  • hu-HU Hungarian - Hungary
  • it-IT Italian - Italy
  • ja-JP Japanese - Japan
  • ko-KR Korean - Korea
  • nb-NO Norwegian (Bokmål) - Norway
  • nl-NL Dutch - The Netherlands
  • pl-PL Polish - Poland
  • pt-BR Portuguese - Brazil
  • pt-PT Portuguese - Portugal
  • ru-RU Russian - Russia
  • sv-SE Swedish - Sweden
  • zh-CN Chinese - China
  • zh-TW Chinese - Taiwa


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clarensio the 1809 pack added 9 new .admx files that wernt in the 17763.1 iso and latest CU so im guessing that the other packs may include new admx files and they may be useful for some home users and probably deffo for Business and Pro license holders.


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see if i got this right, they are the Group Policy, no admx files no group policy.

That is incorrect. ADMX files exist to inform Policy Editor what policies are available, but a pre-existing policy file (or reg key equivalent) can be transferred to any system without the matching templates. Windows only cares about the policy file, ADMX is for the editor.

Policy files are just another weird reg file format. When deployed in Active Directory, a policy becomes a "Group Policy" since it applies to a group of multiple users or PCs. People use GPO often when they mean local Policy, it's semantically different but no one cares...

MS official W8.1-10 list:
Links to download the Administrative Templates files based on the operating system version

W10 21H2:
ADMX Templates for Windows 11 October 2021 Update [21H2]


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That is incorrect.
i stand corrected.

whaddya wanna do, add your links to my post, my links to your post or whatever. im easy, as long as users get all the links somehow.
i'll let you sort that out as is your want.
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