How to add several values into InputLocale ? (multiple keyboards)


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How to add several values for InputLocale (Unattended section), for example:

<component name="Microsoft-Windows-International-Core">
                <InputLocale>en-US; ru-RU; lt-LT</InputLocale>


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<component name="Microsoft-Windows-International-Core">

isn't this working


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This cannot be done through the interface :)
And yes, it doesn't work - in autounattend.xml InputLocale is absent.
Also, the MS specification says that multiple values should be listed separated by semicolons.


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NTLite won't create any XML lines for you, until the matching fields are filled.

I'm assuming you left them blank because you couldn't select multiple values. Pick a placeholder, then edit the XML.
You're probably right it's not expecting multiple locales.
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Interesting, will consider adding multi-select option there, it's just a question of how flexible the UI control is.
Until then, yes, pick the default one and add the rest manually.

If anyone else wants this, please reply, so I know it's worth the effort.