How to perfectly replace Notepad with Notepad2 on Windows 11?


I currently have notepad set to off in windows 11 fod and have removed notepad

Want to fix and replace perfectly by means of the registry

Use notepad2 to replace the notepad that comes with windows 11

have tips and experiences?


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Did you check out Notepad2's website?

How to use the Notepad2 Setup Tool to install and update Notepad2?​

The Notepad2 Setup Tool can be used to replace Windows Notepad with Notepad2, using a clean, unintrusive registry-based method (read about the technical details).

The Windows Notepad can be restored by uninstalling Notepad2 from the Control Panel. Uninstalling will also remove the Notepad2 settings stored in %APPDATA%\Notepad2.ini, therefore backup this file manually if you'd like to keep the settings. Installing a newer version of Notepad2 will not overwrite existing settings.

The setup tool accepts the /QUIET (or equivalent /SILENT) and /EXTRACT command line switches. Note that QUIET mode does not suppress the UAC prompt. The switches also work as part of the filename, i.e. the setup tool can be renamed to "Notepad2-Install-Silent.exe" to always launch in QUIET mode.


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- Apply both reg files (modify Notepad2.reg if install location is different)
- From Settings, make legacy Notepad the default


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You need at least one version of Notepad installed in order to use the Debugger trick. I believe the OP removed both versions, and that won't create the required file type associations for Explorer to use.