LTSC 2021


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i have moved these from their original location.

Windows 10 LTSC 17763.2114 - 20210911 - testing inside a vm.
Net 3.5 enabled, Net 4.8 and 5.0.9 installed. OS still has full networking and Printer/Scanner functionality.
Windows 10 LTSC 17763.2114 - 20210911a - Bareboned Services. No networking or Printer/Scanner functionality, airgapped.

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This is LTSC 2021. LTSC 2021 looks about the same as 2019(1809) and should be capable of the same results, give or take a few each way taking new additions into account.

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Please share LTSC-2021-TWEAKED-V1 preset.
Thanks in advance.


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Please share LTSC-2021-TWEAKED-V1 preset.
There is no LTSC-2021-TWEAKED-V1 preset. It was a bunch of stuff done on the fly to compare with 1809 to see what its capable of(mainly for myself) then to share my thoughts and obversations.
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