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To those of you who want to use the NVIDIA Control Panel with out using the new app base solution. Here is a workaround.

Before removing the previous version of driver, copy the NVIDIA Control Panel folder in side "C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\" to another location. Now you do not need to place it back into the same location, I just did it for the test of it. I've added cp.ico file, rename cp.txt to cp.ico to give you the NVidia icon on the link in the right click menu. Place the cp.ico file in folder NVIDIA Control Panel. You do however need to change the location in the reg file if you plan to move the folder somewhere else of both the ico file and the UI file.

Change the blue roots to match your root!
[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\background\shell\NVIDIA Control Panel]
"Icon"="\"C:\\Program Files\\NVIDIA Corporation\\Control Panel Client\\cp.ico\""

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\background\shell\NVIDIA Control Panel\command]
@="\"C:\\Program Files\\NVIDIA Corporation\\Control Panel Client\\nvcplui.exe\""

Also note that you will eventually run out of version as time goes by and the driver gets update down the line!


I've attached a reg file to evoke the location of the UI file in the right click menu and it will give you full access to it again without having to download the app.

Pics is what my stuff looks like when I install it. Rename the install.txt to install.bat if you wish to use it!

PS: I'm not getting an error that the control panel cannot be found, if you do let me know then I'll upload a reg file that can fix that!

Sorry, one last thing. I've removed the NVidia control panel from my program folders.



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Some users wanted DCH drivers, but not keep the UWP features which make new Control Panel work.
All newer gen products are DCH now.


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New drivers will be DCH only. At the moment older drivers are better than current ones (I use 471.96) but in the future new versions will be needed for new Windows builds, new features and bug fixes and support for new cards.

And the new version of NTLite keeps what is needed for DCH without keeping UWP content, just enable Nvidia driver setup installer compatibility or make sure not to remove Bind Filter driver.

UWP control panel is included within the nvidia installer and installs automatically without the need for Store or third party tools.
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You do know that you cannot use the control panel anymore in the new NVidia drivers release and that the standard driver is no longer available, right?! There is still a couple of work arounds since it is now app base in Win10 and Win11!

You will have access to older drivers that still have it but since 469.92 it is only app base! You can use a work around for now, but it will change in the future!


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When NVIDIA switched to DCH with the 470 drivers they still uploaded non-DCH versions of the drivers to their server. So you were still able to get those by tweaking the download url, using tools like NVCleanstall or downloading them from websites.
You can get those originally hidden drivers normally again now, but all drivers newer than 472.84 only exist in DCH flavor.
Studio drivers have now caught up with 472.84, so in 2022 there probably won't be any more new non-DCH studio drivers either.
(Assuming version numbering and feature sets correlate)

I strip my drivers with NVCleanstall, remove telemetry and the NV containers, which would break the control panel app.
But why people would want to use that slow and often buggy control panel or bloated stuff like gfExperience in the first place is beyond me.
Bare driver, NV Inspector/Profile Inspector, done. Full control, zero buggy bloatware. - The way it's meant to be played -


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当 NVIDIA 使用 470 驱动程序切换到 DCH 时,他们仍然可以将驱动程序的非 DCH 版本上传到他们的服务器。因此,您可以通过调整下载 url、使用 NVCleanstall 等工具或从网站下载来获取这些内容。
您现在可以重新正常获取那些原来隐藏的驱动程序,但所有比 472.84 更新的驱动程序仅存在于 DCH 版本中。
工作室驱动程序现在已经赶上了 472.84,因此在 2022 年可能也不会再有新的非 DCH 工作室驱动程序。

我用 NVCleanstall 遥控揭开我的驱动,删除测和 NV 容器,这会破坏程序控制面板应用程序。
,一些人想要但是首先使用缓慢且容易出错的控制面板或gf 经历了这样的巨大的东西,我无法理解。
裸驱动程序,NV Inspector/Profile Inspector,完成。完全控制,零错误的膨胀软件。-它应该是表演的方式-
Profile Inspector 是一款非常实用且完全可控、无错误的扩展软件。