No Drivers ? and blue screen


with this preset.
After first start of install I got this,( No drivers ) ?
Then if I restart I only get Blue screen and cant login to desktop.
What can it be, something I removed or settings ?

A other thing If I remove,change settings and stuff before add drivers(like with this preset)
I got error with the added drivers see NTLite picture.
But if Idont use preset or remove or somethings then add drivers then it works fine to add drivers even with Boot wim.


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Hi again
Now I tested older version
I removed alot Drivers, Hardware support I dont need and much more.
With version NTLite v., Now installation did go well no restart or chrash under login screen installation or missing drivers when come to desktop like picture above.
But when I try modify iso with NTLite v1.9.0.7046, There is something that make this happen and I think I got this problem with 7036 and 7025 allso.
How long time back(with olderNtlite version) this problem have been with windows 7 iso I dont know, I have been modify win 8 and win 10 this year almost only :/


New Test
I removed Nothing frome
Network , Remoting and Privacy and System
And still got alot of driver missing at start.

I removed only frome hardware support, Iso image, Localization and Multimedia.
Things I usually remove.

So maybe something frome hardware support that make this error, :/ I have remove this stuff so many times before with older Ntlite and never got this type of error and problem, try to figur out what it can be so can use newest version of NTlite =(



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I have tested your preset newtest.xml the latest prerelease and i can confirm this behavior.
As i can see, your tests are in VMWare, my tests are in VBox.

Try to not remove components that include drivers, the latest preset is removing drivers also.

The test has been made in an already slimmed image that works ok already.


This is what it looks like when I load the preset on fresh new iso.
I havent removed mobile pc sensor but I removed NDIS Packet Capturing (NDISCAP)
Maybe Preset is bugging :O ?
Nothing frome Drivers or Hardware support is getting removed.

But when I try only to remove this frome hardware support,
and dont touch the other things I got the same result.
Thats make me confuse :/

Floppy disk
Infrared deviecs
iSCSI Initiator