Questions about the late tasks of NTLite


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I configured tasks in the task bar of NTLite software as follows:

1. Add files

After the system is installed, the file will be saved in the %WINDIR%\Setup\Files\nanjing_softmanage_url.bat path

2. Add a command
copy %WINDIR%\Setup\Files\nanjing_softmanage_url.bat %PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\"Start Menu"\Programs\StartUp\nanjing_softmanage_url.bat

After the ISO image is finished, use the image to install the system. After the installation, check the directory %WINDIR% Setup\Files, there is a nanjing_softmanage_url. bat file, But there is no nanjing_softmanage_url.bat in the directory of %PROGRAMDATA% Microsoft Windows\ Start Menu \Programs\StartUp

Don't know where I configuration error?

How do I configure it?


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Make windows10 image through NTLite

Put the script file under the %WINDIR%\Setup\Files\nanjing_softmanage_url. bat path by "add file" in the NTLite later task

I then copied the %WINDIR%\Setup\Files\nanjing_softmanage_url.bat from this path to the %PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft Windows\"Start Menu" \Programs\StartUp directory, which is the directory for all Windows users.The purpose is to have Windows restart into the desktop automatically run the nanjing_softmanage_url.bat run the script file and generate a shortcut on the desktop

The script content is:

@echo off
set lnkdir="%USERPROFILE%\Desktop"
echo [InternetShortcut] >%lnkdir%\123.url
echo URL="" >>%lnkdir%\123.url

The current results show that the file nanjing_softmanage_url.bat in the %WINDIR%\Setup Files directory exists, but the file nanjing_softmanage_url.bat is not found in the %PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft Windows\"Start Menu" \Programs\StartUp directory


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Add the batch file to folder:
sources\$OEM$\$1\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

That should be it.

Also you can use the file as cmd instead of bat but shouldn't make any difference.


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This is how I configured it in the "post-task" section of the NTLite software
Bit late, let me know if you already figured out what was the issue.

Here is what I would say back in time:
If there are files in Windows\Setup\Files after setup, then potentially the script didn't even execute.
For example did any of the commands work?
If not, do you use OEM product key? If so, enable OEM SetupComplete in Unattended toolbar next time.