Suggestion to dim out (grey out) Missing Updates test.


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A request that NTLite grey out the missing KB names in the left column, just as they are sometimes greyed out in the right column. This would make it easier for users to recognize which KB's are missing. (I know that there are green and grey dots. But two things: 1) The dots are really tiny on my display and 2) I cannot easily see at a glance which dots are green or grey. A missing fill color (instead of a grey color) might make it easier to see which KB's are missing.)

Grey out missing items in left column too.q..jpg


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Hi pmikep,

split Status in build 6795 and made it green if new update is detected, let me know if it's good enough for now.
The colored dots need some reworking indeed.



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Just tried it. Green is an "odd" color from an ergonomic/pilot standpoint. Green usually means "good" or "okay." But I don't know what other color would be easier to see here. Since red means "danger," that's not a good color. Orange might work, but sometimes hard to see. Let's call it okay for now.