Trying to Boot up Win 10 1607 LTSC on USB, but multiple failures.


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Trying to Boot up Win 10 1607 LTSC on USB, but multiple failures. First was what must be a classic B1initialize 0x00000c9 error basically saying the boot files on 1607 LTSC are not compatible with my mobo (AMD B550) and cpu (Ryzen 5000); makes a bit of sense. So I didn't have this problem with win 10 2004. So what I did was copy all non- sources files/folders from Win 10 2004, and boom error gone, but naturally another error manifested. The infamous driver asking error; the frak.

Musing segment: I mean what 2004 boot files and boot drivers not good enough, they were for 2004 edition; fraken idiotic Microsoft error messages, they really are the worse sometimes. It's simple if you don't know what went wrong, put trace code i.e., 0x00000c9. If you do, then say what it is. Yet not even MS can get this right. This is what happens when the programmers run the show; they set low easy standards.

So what next? Has anyone got Win 10 1607 booting on a AMD B550 mobo?


The original ISO I tried was: en_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_n_x64_dvd_9057894
but I found a slightly newer version: en-gb_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_n_x64_dvd_9058303
Trying that out.
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So here it is, expand your NTLITE knowledge (5 things):

1. The 0x000009a(1) error the older uefi firmware of 1607 doesn't like the newer uefi firmware from my system.
If you understand the file structure of the root of the iso, then you'll know that to address that problem you need 2 things: the EFI folder and the bootmgr.efi. The other bootmgr is for bios btw. However once you do this you be greeted by a light blue grey empty screen(2), and why? One of those points to a newer setup file which points to a newer boot.wim, so in essence it's Microsoft's way of saying "EFI boot successful, but nothing to do" hence non-threatening background. Upon including boot.wim, windows will complain about missing media drivers (3), and why because setup.exe expects not only boot.wim but the exact same version of every other file in the sources folder except install.wim. So that means for instance that I would use rufus to install a 2004 image to usb, then take the install.wim from the 1607. But there's two caveats (4) setup.exe performs differently for different editions, and as if that weren't enough within the same edition microsoft sometimes adds newer instructions within setup.exe (5), all to say that if I want to update the firmware for 1607 LTSC aka 2016 LTSC, then I have to install 2019 LTSC, put 2016 LTSC install.wim onto it, and hope for the best, but the install still has a chance to fail due to the newer instructions.

You might think who cares, but the thing is I have been communicating many of the reasons why your NTLITE isos have failed to install.
Happy NTLiting!


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I'm always using latest win10 or win11's boot files for any windows. so never had any problems on a decent system


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i got a vanilla LTSB onto B560 without problem.
B550 is a newer chipset as Ryzen 5600G is a new cpu. Bios is drastically different. Both are soo new that when saving any bios changes they would fail to post giving the impression of a faulty mobo and or cpu. However, this was quickly proven false when I updated the bios. Pretty happy with my overclock, basically 4385 mhz, but very low temps on stock wraith cooler, as for memory used ddr 4 2666 (old ram 16GB) clocked to 3200 mhz (16-17-17-35) @ 1.39V (System rock stable). I remember nliting back in the days of "nlite" made some popular builds, then came everything else (dism) and my dual core systems was slow as molasses; this feels 8 to 10 times faster. Very impressed with the optimizations of ntlite.


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B560 is a current intel chipset and B550 is the current equivalent.
found this little doodad earlier today you)and other ryzen users might find helpful.
my only issue with ltsb is there isnt an intel igpu driver for 8/9th gen earlier than 1709 as far as i know and i very much doubt there isnt an igpu driver foor comet lake. you dont always need a gpu and certainly not expensive ones. hard to find a card below £50 nowadays.


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Clanger I don't know what your success has been with NTLITE, but I just managed to produce an x64 Windows 10 LTSC 2019 iso without OOBE with updates that installs to just 2.16gb. Best part, should be compatible with all motherboards/CPUs. I'm .