UEFI_NTFS "I" drive?


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what is this UEFI thingy , H drive is the original one , the "I" drive is a virus ?
how do i get rid of it ??


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Don't know, never seen that before, why do you think it's related to NTLite?
In other words please attach the preset demonstrating that change.

edit: Is maybe Rufus USB stick plugged in, or any stick, try unplugging them?



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its not NTLite related, sorry to bother. the small drive just pops up whenever i plug in usb drive. i dont know if it is a virus


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I did install by UEFI once by mistake and it created about 4 partitions on single drive :oops:. You can select which one you want touse in the bios but if you prefer to leave that alone then when you boot to install select the usb key option that doesnt show uefi.