Weird behavior integrating updates


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I recently used ntlite to integrate updates into win10 1903 x64 and everything went fine, after installing I had the expected build, all ok.
But, Microsoft released a newer update (kb4517211) which updates the OS to build .387. I integrated again (over an original image, non modified) and after installing on a VM I got build 356, instead of .387. Can someone tell me what's going on???
moreover, looking at the xml file, it says that the build is .329 (???).
Any help would be appreciated.


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please attach the preset (autosaved session xml) from the root of that ISO. There should be two of them for those two sessions.
You can also find them in the Presets list of the Source page in the tool.

Those integrated fine for me, so it must be a user error or failed integration if something was removed in the first session.
Btw update package cannot be integrated unless signed by Microsoft, so any kind of magic of tool changing the KB numbers itself is not possible.


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thanks. Let me see if i can find them, I selected to not save the log...
anyway, I cleared all sessions and deleted all presets to avoid any problems before trying again, but I still got the wrong OS build...
Of course I'm using the official packages from microsoft, untouched, all downloaded from the microsoft update catalog. I have updated other systems using the same package and got the correct build.


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here's the auto-saved session. as you can See, I added only the latest 4 updates for win10 1903 (.net .4.8 ; latest SSU; flash player; latest cumm updt), but , for some unknown reason, I end up with build .356 instead of .387. Looking at the xml inside install.wim i t says it's build 329 (even weirder).
I hope you can figure this out.

edit: looking at the xml file inside install.wim from the previous, succesful integration, it also says it's build 329 (when it's actually 356, since that time i used KB4515384)
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Well, after MS released new updates a few days ago, now the process went smoothly as usual and after installing I got the right build of windows (.388), I guess there was s/thing wrong with the previous update...
Now, they released the updates corresponding to october's patch tuesday, so I'm gonna have to do do it again...