Where is customer support?


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Sent an email regarding offline activation to [email protected] HOURS ago...

Not even an automated response.

Anybody actually work here?
Hours? I never seen an email answered by any company within 24 of those.

Automated response... will think about it, it sort of makes sense so you know it's not in the spam.

Was your inquiry replied to, I don't recall any "madjack" this morning?



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| Anybody actualy work here |
pl think once more is this good asking in a forum creating a new thread.
seems like query intention is something else.
if he really need support then why dont he directly contact forum staff members via pm.


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Just to clarify, email is the preferred method, and the point here is no feedback to the email received, which is a good point.
So once the user confirms that the query was replied, this topic is closed.